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What are the effects of frequent masturbation?

Masturbation is a regular part of sex life in males that not only gives pleasure but also boosts immunity, helps in improving mood, and also acts as a stress buster. It is a safe way to experience an orgasm without any risk of conducting an STD or fear of getting someone pregnant. Now, while there may not be any harm in masturbating, but just like everything else, overdoing it can cause serious health and psychological implications.

The ill effects of chronic masturbation can lead to disruption of work, impact social life, destroy relationships, and leave the masturbator to feel guilt ridden. The feeling of guilt is similar to which people experience for doing anything that they shouldn’t have done.

What are the effects of frequent masturbation

Possible signs of a person suffering from chronic masturbation

Regular masturbation is not wrong, not until it makes the person feel guilty or they are doing it to escape the reality. These are some of the signs that might indicate there’s a problem with the frequency of masturbation:

  • The person is using masturbation as a form of self-medication to deal with depression or anxiety
  • It is causing them to experience severe guilt or distress
  • There is very little time for the person to fulfill the social obligations due to the amount of time devoted to self-pleasuring
  • Constant feeling lustful feeling, giving a tremendous urge to masturbate
  • Damage to the skin of the penis by constant rubbing

Adverse effects of chronic masturbation

Since there is no statutory definition of what constitutes as over masturbation, the negative effects can be seen as purported and not scientifically proven. These are some of the speculative side effects that can be caused by frequent masturbation:

  1. Lack of sex drive: Those who masturbate frequently, often do it because they are just lethargic about the idea of going out into the real world and finding a sexual partner. Years of continuous masturbation subconsciously train their minds to remain satisfied with what they have instead of finding a partner who can provide greater joy. Taking all responsibilities in one’s own hand is best avoided in certain scenarios. Read more about how to increase your sex drive here.
  2. Persistent state of arousal: What is commonly known as the feeling of “lust ball” is rewiring one’s brain into being in a consistent state of feeling “horny.” Since chronic masturbators are used to doing the act of daily, their mind has adapted itself in a way that lets them feel aroused even when it’s unlikely for them to be. The cycle of arousal and masturbation goes on.
  3. Porn Addiction: Pornography is a million dollar industry that thrives on entertaining people through sexual arousal. Since most masturbators get off to different kinds of porn, their dependency soon turns into a state of addiction. The side effect of being addicted to pornography may manifest itself in the inability to get into a state of arousal with a sexual partner because the key element, porn, is missing here. Read more about porno addiction here.
  4. Damage to the penis: While masturbation is considered the safest form of sex, it is not without its dangers when practiced carelessly. Rough masturbation techniques can cause skin irritation by rupturing the skin. In extreme cases, it may even bend a fully erect penis by rupturing the chambers that get filled with blood. This condition is often known as a penile fracture.
  5. Depression: The strange thing about depression is that it acts both as a cause and effect of chronic masturbation. People who are often depressed turn to pleasuring themselves frequently for that split second of euphoric sensation that comes with orgasm, but end up feeling guilty and depressed. So, what is supposed to be a type of temporary escape from reality turn out to be the trap.

How much is too much?

People often get hung up on that thought that they masturbate too much. But in reality, it’s not about how many times you do it once a day or a week; what matters is how well it fits into your lifestyle. Dr. Logan Levkoff, who is a sex educator sexologist, says that one can masturbate multiple times a day and still live a healthy life; but if the person feels an overwhelming sense of guilt after masturbating or if the act somehow disrupts their regular life, then there is some reason to be worried.


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  1. Jatraj

    This is so true. I can completely relate to it. I was an addict for past 15 years. From last 5 years I am trying to quit this terrible habit of mine . And finally in last two years I did reduced the frequency and I am completely sober for last 1 month. Though this addiction had already damaged me in of the most brutal way but still I have decided that I will quit this forever . Thanks for spreading the correct information. Unfortunately for masturbation addicts , nothing is available on internet which can be helpful to them. After completely clean for a month I have realised that it is so difficult to control your thoughts , I mean you can shut off all the gadgets, move away from social media, websites but the most powerful thing is our brain and one has to go through some serious perseverance and practice to control it. I am going through that phase in my life . Wish me luck. Bye. Tc.

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