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This is a list of reviews of all the penis extenders that did not make the Top 3 best penis extenders. Here you will find some really bad extenders that simple don’t work but most of the extenders actually does a pretty good job and works just fine.

The list here is not ordered according to review score, but when the review was made. Take a look at the reviews below you might find the extender that matches your requirements and price point.

Penis extenders that did not make the Top 3

euro extender review 2015Euro Extender Review

This device is a simple penis extender and nothing more – it does what it is supposed to do and nothing more – but is not enough?

I’m afraight it’s not good enough – A penis extender is worth nothing if it does not include a comfort system and unfortunatly this device does not.

I would go with a SizeGenetics or a Phallosan Forte extender, both offers great comfort.

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Gnetics Extender

Genetics Extender Review

This is your average penis extender even though the company behind it has made some fancy features, but it turns out that they are only buzzwords with no meaning or effect.

You should take a look at the top 3 extenders instead of this!

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penimaster-pro-review-2015PeniMaster Pro Review

The PeniMaster Pro is not your average penis extender, it is infact a combination of a penis pump and an extender.

Unfortunately the pump function does not work that well and the price is very high that’s why this device did not make the Top 3.

But take a look at the review, it might just be the device that suits you needs.

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male edge review 2015Male Edge Review

The Male Edge extender nearly made the top 3 but due to bad build quality the final review score was just a bit too low.

But overall this is a very nice extender that comes at an semi cheap price with a load of accessories.

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ProExtenderProExtender Review

The ProExtender is a good solid penis extender device, but unfortunately it lacks a comfort system and a better price. There far greater extenders on the market right now.

If you are still interested in this device I suggest you take a look at the full review below.

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Quick Extender Pro reviewQuick Extender Pro Review

The Quick extender pro is a very nice device that has a lot of features that will make your penis enlargement process a lot more comfortable and quick.

The device is on the expensive side but it’s still in the mid/high range of devices and its worth all the money.

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Quick Extender Pro reviewVimax Extender Review

The Vimax extender is a very nice device it does not has as many features as some of the other penis extenders but it is really cheap compaired to all other extenders I have tested.

This extender does only cost $99!!!

That is crazy cheap!

Read Vimax Extender Review here

Ultimate stretcher reviewUltimate Stretcher Review

The Ultimate stretcher are not being sold anymore, you should check out other penis extenders instead!

And to be honest it was not that great anyway!

My Ultimate stretcher Review here

Jes Extender reviewJes Extender Review

The Jes Extender is the original penis extender that most penis extenders are build around.

It was invented by a Danish urology doctor called Joern Ege in the 90’s and it has helped 1000’s of 1000’s of men.

This device does still deliver good results even at it’s age!

My Jes Extender Review here

andropenis-extender-reviewAndroPenis Review

The AndroPenis extender is one of the best penis extenders on the market right now.

The design of this extender is really well thought of and the comfort system is above average.

The Results are great and you can enjoy them the rest of your life!

My AndroPenis Review here

New reviews will be added here unless they make the top 3 list!

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