Which penis enlargement option is right for me?


Penis enlargement is very time consuming and can be very tedious – You need to be motivated and willing to spend time and money on it to succeed.

“But I have a full time job and other stuff to take care of” – Don’t worry there are methods that doesn’t require 8 hours a day, let’s take a look at them here.

The following is a list of penis enlargement options listed by how little time it requires.

Penis enlargement options – Time needed:

1.      Penis pumps

Penis pumps are a really fast way to increase your penis size – all you need is 15-20 min. a day. Use this methods 5-6 times a week. You need to take one day off each week to make sure your penis gets some “rest” to recover from the pumping.

Your penis pumping session could be in the morning before work or whenever you have 20 min. to spare. This option is ideal for men with very limited time to spend on penis enlargement.

try penis pumps

The positive:

  • It only takes 20 min. a day
  • Great for increasing penis girth
  • Cheaper than most options
  • Improves your erections

The negative:

  • It’s not the most effective way of increasing the length of your penis.

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2.      Penis pills and exercises

Penis pills are not meant to increase your penis size permanently but only temporarily – but you can change this if you perform penis exercises while you take the pills. This will change the temporarily results to permanent results.

A good penis exercises session last for 30 to 45 min. and can be performed whenever you have to time to do them. Penis exercises is a bit of a tedious thing to do and many men fail to do it. It’s very important to keep doing them every single day to get maximum results.

Most penis pills come together with some kind of penis exercise program that you can follow.

try penis pills that work

The positive:

  • It only takes 30-45 min. a day
  • You don’t need any equipment
  • Penis pills give you great rock hard erections

The negative:

  • Penis pills can be quite expensive
  • It’s only effective if you keep doing penis exercises.

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3.      Penis extenders

Penis extenders are very effective but they are also very time consuming – you are looking at between 6-8 hours each day. You might be thinking “holy crap that’s a long time compared to the other options”, but there is a big difference between them – because you can wear the extender while you work, watch TV or other things where you sit down.

This option is ideal if you work from home or are home 6-8 hours each day.

Penis extenders are the absolute best way to increase your penis size since they are the most effective option.

try penis extenders that work

The positive:

  • Penis extenders is great for increasing your penis length
  • You can use it while you work or sit down
  • It does correct penis curvature

The negative:

  • They are a bit expensive
  • It’s very time consuming
  • It does take time to get used to wearing the extender

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Mix and match different options

There is always the option to go for a mix between different penis enlargement options. A lot of men use a combination between penis pills and a penis pump, this is a very effective and fast way to increase your penis size.

penis pills + penis pump + penis extender

I have personally stepped it up one more notch and added a penis extender to that combo. This is both expensive and very time consuming, but you know what? It’s the absolute fastest and best way to permanently increasing your penis size. You can read about how I did it in my personal penis enlargement journey here.

Good luck with your own penis enlargement project. Send me an email or make a comment below if you have any questions.

Written by Austin – October 2016


Austin Hanson

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