Top 3 best premature ejaculation pills

I recommend
Prosolution Plus
  • Very high success rate
  • Prevent premature ejaculation
  • Longer lasting erections
  • Stronger erection
  • High success rate
  • Prevent premature ejaculation
  • Longer lasting erections
Rizer XL
  • High success rate
  • Prevent premature ejaculation
  • Longer lasting erections

What are premature ejaculation pills?


For those suffering from the nasty problem of climaxing too early, the thought of ever finding a cure may seem all but lost. But, all hope is not lost because there are ways to treat this condition and pave a way to a better sex life. One of the best ways to treat premature reticulation (PE) is through the use of pills that promise long-term, side-effect free results.

Because of the popularity of these premature ejaculation pills, the market has become saturated with counterfeit products. Unethical manufacturers are trying to cash in on this product’s popularity and make money without delivering actual results. This is why you must be on the safer side and only purchase pills from an official source.

What’s the difference between PE creams and pills?

premature ejaculation cream vs pills

Apart from the difference in physical form, creams (check my top 3 list of best PE creams here) and pills vary widely from one another in terms of application and results. Whereas creams are seen as a temporary solution to cumming too fast, pills promise a rather long term solution that can cure the issue once and for all.

With creams, you have to apply the substance to your penis before having sex and let it get absorbed completely to take effect. This takes time, and might put you off mood if you were ready to go into action. Most creams function by numbing the sensation of your penis so that you can last longer in bed. Also, note that creams are also short lasting than pills.

Premature ejaculation pills, on the other hand, aims to get the root of the problem and cure you of the disease naturally. While it may take time for you to see the initial results, you stand better chances to get completely cured of the disease with a long-term intake.

Do you want slower or long lasting results, or do you want fast acting but small term effects? The choice is yours to make.

What’s the difference between penis pumps and pills?

premature ejaculation pumps vs pills

You may not be aware of this, but a certain category of the device known as penis pumps (read more about them here) have become very popular over the last few years. However, their best ability is reserved for treating erectile dysfunction, not premature ejaculation. Sure, you may get some benefits out of the side effects, but it cannot be considered as a viable solution.

Even if your goal is to treat erectile dysfunction, using a penis pump can be hard as it takes at least 5 to 10 minutes with it to get an erection. This means you may as well be put out of mood by the time your member becomes ready to jump into action. Pills, however, eliminate the need for using a penis pump when taken in the right dosage.

How do premature ejaculation pills work?

Failing to last when it’s time to turn the heat in the bedroom cannot only be embarrassing for the man but frustrating for the woman. Just imagine getting her ready for the ultimate showdown and the best you can do is take her on a 2 to 3 minute joyride. Wouldn’t that suck?

Well, enough of the euphemisms; I want to say that it’s terrible that you suffer from a condition your partner feels dissatisfied from sex. Trust me when I say this, but it is not entirely your fault. The penis itself is a highly responsive to sexual stimuli in comparison to a vagina.

Premature ejaculation pills are here just to rid you of the inherent shortcoming. Taking this medicine will give you a naturally stronger hard on as they contain the right compounds derived from natural substances. Now, the composition of those may vary according to brands, but all of them share the same purpose.

What does it do for me?

Well, taking premature ejaculation pills will let you reap the following benefits:

  • Stronger and longer lasting erections to completely satisfy your woman in bed
  • No more premature ejaculation, meaning you can give your partner multiple orgasms
  • More desire for sex, making you feel like a teenager again
  • No risk of side effects whatsoever because of the all natural ingredients

How to use it?

You have to take premature ejaculation pills in the same way you take any other pill, i.e. with a glass of water. Depending on your need and the brand of the pill, you might have to take at least 1 – 3 pills each day for the results to show. The key is to have patience and expect long-term benefits.

you should always drink a glass of water with your premature ejaculation pills

Are these pills safe for consumption?

Yes, most of the brands manufacture products containing organic herbal compounds that have no potential side effects. However, do not get lured in by huge discount offers on the Internet as they are most likely to be scams. Always buy from the official source and avoid free market places like Amazon and eBay to be on the safer side.


On the Internet you’ll find products showing off their testimonials, but not all of these are reliable. Some of the genuine ones we found on our top choices are the following:

I’ve suffered from premature ejaculation for the last nine years before resorting to pills. And I must say the results of tremendous.

Premature ejaculation pills have rescued me from my darkest days and I can now satisfy my girlfriend and have her coming back for more.

I’ve been cured of my premature ejaculation for a long time now, and this has happened all thanks to my rational choice of taking pills to treat my premature ejaculation.

What do I recommend?

Prosolution Plus would be my go to choice for anything related to pills and premature ejaculation. Not only have I benefited tremendously from using it, it has given me long-term results that I didn’t expect. Even though it’s a bit cheaper than the rest of the two products, it certainly does prove its merit very early on.

Go ahead and give it a try, I promise you’ll not come back disappointed or want to have a refund. I also personally recommend this brand to my friends who have suffered or suffer from PE.

My top 3 choices

    1. Prosolution Plus – Read my full review of Prosolution Plus here
    2. PrematureX – Read my full review of PrematureX here
    3. RizerXL – Read my full review of RizerXL here

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