I want a larger penis – What are my options?



Men have been using various types of penis enlargement techniques since the dawn of human. This is an article about the 4 most used methods in the last decade:

Penis extenders 

This is a natural method of increasing the size of your penis without the use of pills or surgery. Penis extenders are lightweight devices worn on the penis when it’s flaccid. This method is considered to be the most affordable when compared to the other methods of penis enlargement and it’s also very effective and offer permanent results with no side effects.

This method is very safe as doctors approve it as the safe alternative to penile enlargement surgery. It has passed all the required standards of medical devices safety and therefore the user should not be worried about using them.

The extenders work by applying tension to the penis. This in turn stretches the muscles of the penile shaft. This stretching leads to cells multiplying in response to the stretch as the tissues attempt to compensate for this stress. This is what eventually leads to the enlargement of the penis in both girth and length. For them to be affective, the extenders should be worn for five to eight hours in a day for as long as one wants.

Apart from increasing the penis size, extenders also help the user control their ejaculations as well as making the penis more sensitive hence one enjoys sex more.

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Penis pumps


Penis pumps are another way of enlarging the penis. They work like a vacuum pump, sucking out air. They consist of a constriction ring, a plastic tube which fits over the penis as well as a pump attached to the tube. Apart from increasing the penis size, they are also used as a treatment for inability to get or maintain an erection during sex otherwise known as erectile dysfunction.

When using it, the constriction band is placed on the plastic tube on the end when applied on the penis. This tube and the pump create the vacuum, aiding the penis to become erect and bigger by drawing blood into the penis. The user then clamps the penis with the constriction ring which keeps the blood from going back into the body. The penis remains erect for as long as the ring remains in place.

People should however be very careful when using this method of penis enlargement since using it for more than 20 minutes or too often can lead to tissue damage which in turn leads to less firm erections.

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Penis pills


Penis enlargement pills contain vitamins, herbs, as well as hormones which only improve the natural processes in the body. Different pills contain different ingredient and therefore work differently.

Most of them contain vasodilators to expand the penis’ arteries hence blood enters the penis when it’s flaccid or erect making it appear larger and firmer. They also increase the production of testosterone, increasing the sex drive and leads to longer lasting and firmer erections. The pills also contain ginseng or other stimulants which keep the body energized an therefore make the performance better

Immediately after use, there is a very great improvement in the erection and whereby one experiences very powerful erections and consequently improvements on the sex life. This is due to the increased flow of blood to the penis. The penis also appears larger when erect or flaccid. However, these effects last as long as one is taking the pill and are therefore only short term. Therefore, pills cannot be used alone to permanently increase the size of the penis. You can however use pills with exercises or traction to increase the process of the enlargement permanently.

People should also be careful on which pills they take since not all of them are made of harmless ingredients and therefore if one encounters a harmful one, they would have dire consequences on not only the penis but also to the body as a whole. They should conduct research on any pill before using it.

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Penis exercises


Penis exercises use the same natural criteria used in puberty which enable it to grow. It just reintroduces that same natural process leading to a larger penis hence increase self-confidence and better sex life. The exercises enable the penis to trap blood, enlarging the blood vessels and therefore achieving a bigger penis. One should however be careful with the exercises to avoid harming the penis by overdoing them\

To begin with, the penis should be warmed up to avoid harming this is done through moisturizing it. A towel is rinsed in warm water and placed on the penis. This makes the skin on the penis to become elastic and increases the blood flow in the penis. Lubrication is then applied on the penis to avoid irritation. Use of water-based lubricants is advised. After these preparations, you can start the exercises

You can start by stretching the penis while erect to create tension in the erectile tissues which leads to a longer penis. Stretching also increases the skin elasticity, expanding the spaces in a penis chamber. This will result to increased flow of blood within the chamber leading to a larger penis stretching usually leads to increase in length only

You can also try milking which increase both the length and thickness of the penis. It forces blood into the penis, and the penis therefore grows to create space to hold more blood.

You force the blood into the penis and trap it in using your hand hence expand the vessels. The trapping is done using the forefinger and the thumb to create a grip on the base of the penis and milk it, forcing the blood to the tip. Each motion from the base to the tip should only last for 3 seconds. Milking should only be done in a semi-erect state.

Other penis enlargement methods also exist and can be used to attain a bigger and fuller penis. It’s however, advisable not to overdo them as they may cause bodily harm to your penis.

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