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Men with iPhones has bigger penises

Or at least men with Android phones search for penis enlargement products more than men with iPhones.

13.531 Men from USA visited on a mobile device (based on Google analytics data) in the last 30 days – Let’s take a look at the market shares:

  • 49.57 % Android devices
  • 48.99 % iOS (iPhone, iPad, and iPod)
  • 1.44 % Other (windows Phone, Blackberry, and others)
google analytics data from staustinreview
Google analytics data from

It looks pretty even at first glance, but if you compare the numbers with the total mobile OS market shares in USA (based on then you will see a different picture. The market shares in USA on October 10 2017 was:

  • 54.00 % iOS
  • 45.21 % Android
  • 0.79 % Other

mobile market share

Which means that men with Android devices are almost 20 % more likely to search for penis enlargement products than men who use an iPhone.

Let’s dig a little deeper

When I dug deeper in Google analytics I found even more variation between iPhone and Android users – In the erectile dysfunction part of the website users where almost 30 % more likely to be on an Android device.

And the trend goes on in the premature ejaculation part of the website, where it was 15 % more likely that the user was on an Android device despite the fact that iOS has almost 20% more users.

Maybe it’s time to ditch my old Android phone…..

Possible explanations

There are several explanations why this is happening – Let’s take a look at some of them:

  1. Men with iPhones simple does have bigger penises.
  2. Men with Android phones are more conscious about their body – Hence looking for ways to improve it.
  3. My data could be wrong – I was not able to find gender specific data from USA, this would have been ideal since 99% of the users on is male. Send me a message or comment below if you know a source for that data!

What do you think? Do men with iPhones have bigger penises?

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