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Semenax is your go to product if you want to improve your overall semen quality and increase the volume.semenax review 2018

The pills work fast and can be used together with other products and/or a change in diet.

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  • Increase your semen volume
  • Improve the quality of your semen
  • Prolong your orgasms
  • Get better control over your orgasms

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If you are checking supplements that can increase semen production and make you fertile, you are at the right place. You might be overwhelmed with all the available supplements claiming to be the best, but are they telling the truth? Not likely!

Semenax is a product composed of all natural herbal ingredients which are actually some of the best. It contains all the clinically proven ingredients which increase testosterone levels, improve penile erections, and boost the semen production.

How Does Semenax work?

how does semenax work

As you know testosterone1 is the primary hormone which increases libido in men and boosts semen production, Semenax has ingredients that stimulate testosterone levels. Moreover, the components make the sperm quality better.

The ingredients also relax the blood vessels for more blood flow to the penis, which allows you to achieve a firm penile erection. With a firm penile erection, you are sure to have great sex and also, the ingredients enable you to last longer before ejaculating.

Semenax ingredients

Semenax Ingredients

  1. L-Arginine HCL2 This amino acid is a precursor of nitric oxide dilating the blood vessels for increased blood flow to the penis and blood circulation in the entire body. More blood to the penis means you will achieve a firm erection and there are several health benefits for better blood circulation. It improves cardiovascular health, concentration levels, mood, etc.
  2. Zinc – Zinc is an essential mineral for both sexual health and stamina which is readily not available in your meals unless you have oysters. Semenax has zinc in the form of zinc oxide and zinc aspartate. Zinc oxide is proven to increase the sperm production and motility by testosterone synthesis while zinc aspartate improves the functioning of reproductive organs and prostate.
  3. Catuaba Bark Extract – This Brazilian herb is a natural aphrodisiac and increases testosterone production.
  4. L-Lysine – Studies have confirmed that along with zinc, this amino acid increases semen and testosterone production. It also improves the quality of sperms.
  5. L- Carnitine – This is another amino acid which researchers have found to improve the quality of sperms and motility.
  6. Epimedium Sagittatum – This herb is best known as “Horny Goat Weed”. From this name, you can understand that it increases libido. It increases the testosterone levels and sperm as well.
  7. Maca Root Extract – Studies have confirmed this herb boosts testosterone production increasing libido and sperm count. You can check the study published in the Journal of Urology and also increases stamina for better sexual performance.
  8. Pumpkin Seed Extract – The older you grow, the larger your prostate grows to pressurize your sexual organs causing impotence. This extract improves prostate health.
  9. Swedish Flower – This herb improves prostate health and increases semen production. The other health benefits include liver protection, healthy urine flow, and cholesterol check which promote cardiovascular health as well.
  10. Muira Puama – This Amazonian shrub is most commonly known as “potency wood” and from this name, you can understand this is a natural aphrodisiac.
  11. Hawthorne – This herb is proven to increase the blood circulation in the body which improves penile erection and cardiovascular health. It is rich in bioflavonoids and anti-oxidants.
  12. Cranberry Extract – This is also a natural aphrodisiac which increases sexual desire and improves reproductive health with antioxidants, phytochemicals, and ascorbic acid (Vitamin C).
  13. Vitamin E – Research has proven Vitamin E improves blood flow and sexual functioning. Also, this anti-oxidant cures curvature of the penis.


  1. There are no reports of any side effects.
  2. It improves fertility in men by increasing semen production and improving semen quality.
  3. It helps you to achieve a better penile erection and boosts sex drive for great sexual satisfaction.
  4. There are several other health benefits you gain from Semenax like high stamina, better cardiovascular health, better prostate health, etc.


  1. Semenax is only available online.
  2. It is backed by a money back guarantee but just valid for 30 days.


You easily check the customer reviews and ratings online. Almost all the reports of customers are positive which goes to show that Semenax is arguably the best supplement increasing semen production and sexual performance. Several customers have confirmed that their semen volume increased drastically with only two days of consumption of the capsules.


Consider Semenax to increase your sexual performance and fertility with no side effects. This is an herbal product which gives you quick results. You are assured to get back your investment 10x if you use it with dedication.

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2 Stanislavov R1, Nikolova V. Treatment of erectile dysfunction with pycnogenol and L-arginine. 2003

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