Different permanent penis enlargement methods


There are perhaps very few men in the world who do not want a larger penis. No matter how big of a member they may have, the idea of adding a few more inches entices everyone. However, not everyone is well endowed or happy with the size they have. The quest for getting a bigger penis has evolved through the ages and has now arrived at a time when the miracle is finally happening.

The penis enlargement and sexual health industry are one of the fastest growing in the world, making billions of dollars every year. And contrary to popular belief, not every brand is trying to cash in on the fear and insecurities of men of not being “big enough.”

Is penis enlargement a thing for me?

There is no doubt that a lot of men associate self-confidence with having a bigger penis. If you’re not convinced that your size is big enough to satisfy your partner, then you can look into penis enlargement options. If you’ve also faced performance issues in the bedroom or have to live with not being able to satisfy your woman, then your size is probably not enough.

However, there is no reason to worry because we are not totally at the mercy of nature anymore. The feeling of insufficiency can be treated using various penis enlargement programs that actually work. Beware, though; there are plenty of fake products sold in the market in the form of the extenders, penis pills, pumps, sprays, and creams.

While all the products advertised promise you a miracle cure to your problems, very few actually perform as expected. This is why you should not put your bet on just any product you come across on the Internet or television. Relax; you’re not the only one who is looking for these products. Keep on reading to find out the ways you can increase the size of your penis.

Penis extenders are perfect for permanent penis growth

Even though penis extenders have existed for a long time, it is only recently that they have gained mainstream exposure. Since the time it came into the market, this device has evolved in a lot of ways and has now become one of the most sold permanent enlargement products. Even though there is a slight degree of inconvenience, this tool has been proven to work.

A penis extender is the perfect choice for permanent penis enlargement

How does extenders work?

This is essentially a traction device that you attach to your penis, adjust the sidebars, and leave it to work its charm. You usually have to wear this tool at least six hours a day. The good thing is that you can wear it anytime you want without the risk of making it obvious.

This device puts a consistent pressure on your member, which causes the penis to enlarge in the process of countering the force. The results of this traction device may vary from person to person; however, most people report an increase of 7 cm permanently.

If you are looking for a miracle cure, then know there is none! You have to wear this device for at least six months before any visible results show up. The penis extender’s function is based on physical enlargement techniques that are safe and far superior to other procedures. This device is best used in tandem with another supplement, coming in the form of enlargement pills.

Permanent penis enlargement pills

When it comes to penis enlargement, there is perhaps no product that comes to the popularity of enlargement pills. Over the last few decades, thousands of brands have probably popped up in this industry, all promising miraculous increase of your size.

While some of the claims these brands make are completely outrageous, finding a reliable manufacturer doesn’t have to be tough if you know where to look. Yes, it’s true that you have to scour through a lot of fake sites to get to the real one if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Luckily, good products do exist and they are quite popular among users.

Most of the penis enlargement pills you’ll find today are herbal supplements that have no side-effects. Sure, this industry has its share of placebo and sugar pills, but the herbal supplements are usually the ones you should trust. How do these products work? Well, it’s pure biology working at its finest.

I recommend VigRX Plus for permanent penis enlargement pills

How does the pills work?

The penis enlargement pills get to work on giving you a bigger size by increasing the size of the chambers that contain blood for an erection. When the chambers become bigger, your penis will consequently look bigger during an erection.

The time these spills may take to show results largely varies, and can take some work between two months to a year. Most people report seeing a gradual change between 3 to 6 months of time. And like always, consistency is the key here as well because you need to keep taking the pills regularly to notice an increase in size and performance.

A great feature of this product is that they work faster than penis extenders and also cost less. Penis enlargement pills are no doubt one of the popular forms of supplements you can buy in the market today and that too anonymously from the comfort of your home.

Permanent results with penis exercises?

If you’re looking for safe, cost-effective, and reliable methods for penis enlargement, then exercises are a way to go. These methods are hugely popular among those who do not want to use extenders or penis supplements and would much rather rely on natural methods to boost to their size.

These exercises are safe and have been reported to show an increase up to 5 cm in size. Since the size of an average penis is around 13 cm, adding 5 cm more will take you well above average. This will give you the self-confidence needed to give your woman the pleasure she has always been craving for.

For best results, consider joining a penis enlargement exercise program because doing these exercises the wrong way can make matters worse. There is no point in wasting time trying to find the right combination of exercises when all the effective methods and strategies are laid out right in front of you in an enlargement program.

Penis enlargement patch

This is a rather new variant of supplements available for enlarging penises. The penis enlargement patches have to be applied to the skin, which then releases a transdermal system of supplements that can effectively grow your penis without any side effects. The results usually take a longer time to show than other methods.

What happens here is that the supplements get quickly absorbed into the blood flow through the skin, giving you no problems in usage. However, penis enlargement patches are not for everyone and is mostly recommended to those who cannot or does not want to take enlargement pills or use other devices such as extenders

Penis enlargement weights

The practice of suspending weights on your penis, as funny as it may sound, dates back to hundreds of years in the past. Even though this method is not considered to be a safe medical procedure, people do try it out by attaching weight on the edge of their penis. As mentioned before, this is not a certified medical procedure and science has classified it to be dangerous.

No matter how tempting or easy the idea may sound, do not ever try suspending weights on perhaps the most fragile part of your body. Doing this will put you under the possibility of suffering irreparable damages. You surely do not want to be rushed to the emergency room with a penis accident, do you?

Penis enlargement pumps are very popular

Penis enlargement pumps, simply known as penis pumps are very effective devices that have been on the market for quite a long time. While the popularity of pumps never managed to overtake the popularity of extender penis pills, people have used and to continue to use this system to grow your penis even now.

The principle behind the mechanism of this device is based on creating a vacuum inside of the penis, to bring more blood rushing towards the tissues. The reason penis pumps hardly ever got mainstream attention is because they were advertised mostly work for people who have poor blood flow and have problems getting an erection.

The penis pump makes the blood rush towards the penis, making it more erect and bigger in appearance. There is, however, no proof that the penis pump actually increases the size of the penis permanently. Additionally, it is said that using the penis pump too much may cause failure in attaining an erection naturally.

Now, very few things in life can be a scary as the thought of not being able to get a hard-on without using a pump in place. So, we’d advise you to stay away from penis enlargement pumps.

Penis enlargement surgery

Look, we understand the desperation going on the quest to gain a bigger penis, but going to the extremes as such as getting a surgery done is not something we would advise. No surgical procedure guarantees 100% success and even those that do, are not worth getting. Can you imagine spending $ 10,000 to just get an increase of 2 to 3 cm?

penis surgery is a very quick way to enlarge your penis

And not to mention the pain you’ll be putting yourself through in the process of getting a thumb size improvement. We would strongly dissuade you to not think about going under the knife and stick to natural methods that yield far better results and at a fraction of the cost of surgery. It should be a while until we can see effective surgical methods with no risks.

Penis enlargement creams and gels

Even though gels and creams are hugely popular in the market, we do not stand behind their efficiency. As it happens, most of the brands make huge claims about their products being the best in the market. But in reality, the ones that do live up to the claims are such small in numbers that they can be considered to be the exceptions.

Now, would you like to spend your time and money looking for a needle in a haystack? Probably not! Besides, even if you use a brand of gels and creams that does work, you’ll have to keep on using it for a long time before any visible results can be seen. These products are definitely not for those who have the option to go for penis enlargement pills.

Which permanent enlargement method should I choose?

Safety should always be your priority when choosing a penis enlargement method because this is a highly sensitive part of the human body. While we feel that some methods like hypnosis and surgery should clearly be avoided, some people would claim that they have benefited from this type of treatment.

At the end of the day, which penis enlargement method you decide to go for is your choice alone. All the nine methods mentioned in this guide have their own pros and cons, but some are clearly far superior to others. We suggest that you stick to natural enlargement options that pose no risk to your health and do not cause any side effects.

So go out there and explore your options carefully; it won’t be long till you gain a massive boost your confidence if you’ve done everything right.

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