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Review Summary

VigRX Plus made it to the top of my list of best penis pills on the market right now (2018) and there is a reason for that! The pills deliver great results and comes with a huge bonus package of products that will help you on your way to stronger, harder and longer erections!
The pills have helped 1000’s of men in the past and will continue to do so with its unique formula and powerful ingredients.
Results after 6 months:

  • Longer lasting erections
  • Stronger and much harder erections
  • Control when you cum
  • Up to 30% thicker penis (Follow the penis enlargement program to get that result)
  • Up to 30% longer penis during erection (Follow the penis enlargement program to get that result)

I personally recommend VigRX Plus!
VigRX Plus review 2018

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This is going to be a more personal review of VigRX Plus since I have personally started using it since I last reviewed it (I normally review products based on facts from research and studies).

What is VigRX plus?

VigRX Plus is the second version of one of the best selling male enhancement products! The product was first launched in 2002 as “VigRX for men” and have helped 1000’s of men around the world. After 4 years of research a new product was launched in 2006 called “VigRX Plus” with a new and optimized formula.

More than a million men have enjoyed life with rock hard and long lasting erections since the release back in 2006 (including me).

vigrx plus pills and package

What does it do for me?

Male enhancement products like VigRX Plus are designed to improve your overall sexual performance and your desire for sex. I have made a list below with all the benefit that you can experience with this product.

Note: This is on average, some men will see better results in a shorter amount of time and some might not benefit from all the things.

VigRX Plus benefits:

  • Bigger erections (both length and girth)
  • Longer lasting erections
  • Stronger erections
  • Increase in sexual desire
  • Last longer in bed
  • Better orgasms

Do they work?

I have been working with male enhancement products since 2010 and have come across 100’s of products and 1000’s of men who need them and only a handful of products delivers such great results as VigRX Plus. I have countless emails and comments from men who use VigRX Products and I would estimate that 95% of them are positive.

vigrx plus daily dosage
Take 2 pills a day with a glass of water

How does VigRX Plus work?

The way the pills works (and almost all other male enhancement products works) is by increasing the blood flow to your penis. This is done with a combination of ingredients that all improve the blood flow to your penis during an erection.

Your penis size during an erection depends on how much blood your body can pump into your corpora cavenosa chambers (See picture below).

how does VigRX Plus pills work
More blood in pumped in to corpora cavenosa chambers

The chambers expand when more blood is pumps into them than normally, this expansion if unfortunately, only a temporary state that only last a short time. But the good news is that when you take VigRX Plus every day the temporary expansion becomes longer lasting and eventually it turns in to a permanent expansion of the chambers.

If you are interested in the clinical study report of the pills – you can download the complete report right here(241kb.).

You can decrease the time it takes to improve your penis size permanently if you perform penis exercises each day. Male enhancement products and penis exercises goes hand in hand and you should always do both if you want the best results.

Don’t know how to make penis exercises?

Don’t worry – A free access to an online penis exercises website comes with every order of VigRX Plus (4 or more months’ supply), the program is called Erectionfitness and can be found at

The program covers most penis exercises and gives you a daily routine that you can/should follow.

I have used Erectionfitness the last 6 months and have tried most of the exercises and have made a 15 min. daily routine with the exercises that I thing are the best.

My personal exercise routine starts with a 5 min. Jelqing session followed by 5 min. penis stretching exercise and a 5 min.  kegel exercise.

I do this 15 min. routine every morning (or at least most mornings) and that really kicks off my day with a good feeling that I have done something good for my body!

erectionfitness penis exercises
Erectionfitness is a penis exercise membership page

Why did I decide to use VigRX Plus?

I have had trouble with erectile dysfunction in the past and I was looking for a male enhancement product to help me.

I wrote a review of VigRX Plus back in 2016 and was very impressed with the results people gained from the pills so I decided to give it a go.

I bought the pills in January 2017 and I have been very happy with the pills so far and do not regret my purchase.

VigRX Plus Ingredients

This is a short list of the most important ingredients in VigRX Plus and what they do for you – You can find more information about the ingredients and their effect in the test report here (1038kb.)
VigRX Plus Ingredients and instructions
– Epimedium Leaf Extract
Based on research, the active component of the Epimedium extract, “icariin,” possesses characteristics that make it quite similar to viagra.

With that, this leaf extract provides a very potent PDE-5 inhibitor, developing nitric oxide, and it also has relaxing capabilities that smoothen the muscle mass of the corpus cavernosum, as well as the related arterioles.

This is the main reason why it improves blood circulation, resulting to a better erection.

For centuries, Damiana has been used by hundreds of males as a sexual stimulant. It has a reputation of improving the staying power, while increasing the quality of penile erection– this results in a longer and more powerful orgasm.

Aside from that, it also increases the interest inside sexual practice, as well as in love making. To support that, based on research, even those who have been diagnosed with diabetes were able to fix their erection problems with the help of this wonderful ingredient.

Ginkgo Biloba
Most consider Ginkgo Biloba as an herbal supplement that improves one’s memory and focus. Though, the goodness it has isn’t limited to that. A lot of studies ( prove that Ginkgo Biloba is one of herbs that can increase sexual performance without causing any side effects during the process.

Panax Ginseng
Panax, or “Asian Red Ginseng” can also increase the sexual performance of the user. Based on experiments, the final results proved that those who have used Panax have experienced harder erections that those who did not.

This ingredient has been proven to be very effective and safe for use. It’s a potent dietary supplement that can help a person improve his virility almost instantly after taking the drug.

Results after the first 4 months

VigRX Plus is not a fast acting drug that you can take and enjoy after 30 min. it’s more like a long term solution to your problem. Your results will gradually build up and after 4 months you should feel the full effect of the pills.

I did perform 15 min. of penis exercises each day during the 4 months’

The first month – The first month was kind of slow, I noticed a bit stronger erection and a bit more girth but nothing amazing.

The second month – I noticed an increase in my sex drive during the second month and I was able to keep a strong erection for a lot longer (My girlfriend was happy, very happy!) and my penis girth was really starting to increase quite a lot.

The third month –  This was the months where things started to speed up! I was hungry for sex all the time and I was able to get a rock hard erections in a matter of seconds! On top of this my penis size increased both girth and length!

The fourth month – The last month in my test was a bit like the third month just a bit more of it all.

The results:

  • My erections are really hard and strong – they used to be on the soft side before.
  • Longer erection time – This was one of the main reasons why I was looking for a male enhancement product in the first place.
  • My sex drive is insane! My girlfriend is actually a bit worried that she can’t satisfy me enough…
  • My erect penis size has increase by 2 cm.
  • My penis girth has increased by 2 cm.

I’m very happy with the results of my 4-month trial and I’ll definitely get some more soon – first I’ll test the effect once I stop with the pills to see how my body reacts to it. I’ll update this review once I know how many of the benefits that are actually permanent.

My VigRX Plus results before and after pictures

This was my penis size before I started taking the pills back in January.
before vigrx plus
And the after pictures that I took 4 months later.
after vigrx plus results

Did I have Any VigRX Plus Side Effects?

I did notice slight headaches while using the pills – It is very important that you take the pills with a whole glass of water. If you do that then you will not experience any headaches and the effect of the pills will be better.

Price and Shipping

discreet shipping of VigRX plus pills
The pills come in a discreet box

If you’re going to buy a single-month supply, it can be quite expensive and will cost you $76.99 and $19.99 on shipping. However, if you’ll opt for a 12-month supply, you can get it for just $489.99! Which means, it’s just around $40 per month and you will get a ton of bonus products that will help you gain even better results.

The price is a bit high but so are the results.

Only Get VigRX from the Official Site

The smartest decision you could ever make is to purchase the VigRX from the official website here You can find the pills on places like E-bay and Amazon, but the products are not original and most likely just cheap calcium pills from China.

vigrx plus counterfeit check
Check if you pills are real or counterfeit with this code!

You can check if you bought counterfeit pills from another source than the official website here counterfeit check.

Testimonials from other VigRX Plus users

Wow what an amazing product

I used to struggle during sex to keep a strong erection - I was always focusing on keeping my erection up and I was not able to enjoy sex that much. Now I can relax more during sex because I know that I can maintain a strong erection for a loooong time.
St. Austin Review
I used to struggle during sex to keep a strong erection - I was always focusing on keeping my erection up and I was not able to enjoy sex that much. Now I can relax more during sex because I know that I can maintain a strong erection for a loooong time.
St. Austin Review

Nice gains (but hard work)

I have been using VigRX Plus, penis exercises and a penis pump the last 4 months and the gains are really starting to pick up. My penis girth has increased by over ½ inch!!!
St. Austin Review
I have been using VigRX Plus, penis exercises and a penis pump the last 4 months and the gains are really starting to pick up. My penis girth has increased by over ½ inch!!!
St. Austin Review

I personally recommend VigRX Plus!

This 4 months’ test of VigRX Plus has been a very positive journey for me. The results speak for them self and the countless other positive reviews of VigRX Plus.

I was in the market for the best penis enhancement product and got it – It’s as simple as that

The only downside to this product is the price (and a few minor side effects) – It is quite expensive and the only option that really makes sense is the “one-year supply” option where the price per month is down to $40!

I guess it pretty much mean “Big price = Big results”

Update: Coupon Code “VPLUS10”  get 10% off!

Do you have any questions about VigRX Plus? Feel free to ask them in the comments or at

order VigRX Plus now

Austin Hanson

After finishing a master degree in Urology at the European University in St. Petersburg, Austin cofounded in 2015. The purpose of the website is to help men with a wide variety of sexual problems with a language that everybody understand. Austin is a dedicated writer and loves to get his hands dirty with product reviews and the latest urology news. Outside of work his an outdoors person who loves fishing and running, you can follow Austin on Twitter or LinkedIn if you can keep up with him!

This Post Has 20 Comments

  1. JAmes_SFA

    Hey, I’ve just started using the product a couple of days ago and today I woke up with a huge boner for the first time in years! Haven’t tried sex on these things yet but I’m looking forward to it!

  2. george ndukwa

    Type here.
    .do this drug give permanent result?

    1. Austin Hanson

      The drug itself does not give permanent results, but if you take it while you use a penis pump or/and a penis extender, then the results you gain will be a lot bigger and permanent.
      Best regards,

  3. Herkus

    Hey Austin, can I take the pills nonstop or should I take breaks every couple of months? Doesn’t the body develop a tolerance to it?

    1. Austin Hanson

      You can take them nonstop, that should not be a problem. The active ingredients will build up in your body and help you even more when you take them for a long time.
      Best regards,

  4. Marek

    hello, can these pills be taken together with a semen volume enhancer, like semenax?

    1. Austin Hanson

      Yes you can do that, they work very well together.
      Best regards,

  5. A Khaliq

    pills are permanent treatment without exercise and how many months required to get good result

    1. Austin Hanson

      You should use them for a minimum of 4 months, I would recommend 6-10 months.
      Best regards,

  6. Michael

    Hey there Austin, what enhancement pills are you taking currently? Thanx!

    1. Austin Hanson

      I’m still taking VigRX Plus.
      Best regards,

  7. Augustus

    How severe was your erectile dysfunction and did the pills restore it fully? (Did your morning erections, hard erections during sex came back or not, etc.)

    1. Austin Hanson

      My ED was not that bad, I however never had morning erections, but they returned when I was taking the pills.
      Best regards,

  8. Frederikus

    1) have the pills dimished your erectile dysfunction fully and brought back morning erections, hard erections during sex, etc?

    2) can i also take 500mg-1000mg of tribulus terrestris together with vigrx plus?
    Thank you.

    1. Austin Hanson

      That should not be a problem the vigrx plus pills already has 150mg per serving.
      Best regards,

  9. Dan

    hey brother did the pills bring the 2 cm enlargement in lenght and girth or were u doing some additional male enhacement – stretching, extender, pump? thx

    1. Austin Hanson

      Yea, I was doing stretching. The thing is, the pills work on their own, but they work as fuel for any other type of penis enlargement, so you dont need that much stretching to see some great results when you’re on the pills.
      Best regards,

  10. Verbinski


    1) its been more than a year after the review, are you still taking vigrx plus?
    2) Do the user has to take breaks in order to avoid accustomisation? I would imagine the body would accustomize to the product after 3-4 months, it does that with everything, drugs, alcohol etc. Thanks for your answer!

    1. Austin Hanson

      Good questions.
      1) Yes I still take the pills and they still work on me.
      2) And yes, I do take a 2 week break every 3 months to keep it as effective as possible.
      Best regards,

  11. Alf

    Hi Austin,
    I am a guy from Norway (55 year) been taken them 1 month now and i discover great benefit using it so far. Just started the jelq program (2 days ago) and will continue taken it As well As jelqing. Do you still taken it? As well As jelqing? What are your report so far?

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