st austin profile faceHi guys, I’m Austin Hanson – The guy behind this site. I have been in the male enhancement industry the last 8 years (early 2010) and have helped 1000’s of men around the world with everything from relationship problems, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and micropenis problems.

I have a background in urology where I took a master degree at The European University at St. Petersburg. You will find some of my work pupliced on where I do studies of the physical impact of vacuum therapy (also known as penis pumps ) on men with erectile dysfunction.


For personal reasons

I have been a suffer of several sexual dysfunctions in the past, including erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and a small penis. I found a lot of misinformation during my initial research for products that could help me and I spend a long time trying different solutions. I decided to create this website where I could share my experiences and results.

The purpose of this website

The purpose of this website is to help men with sexual related problems and reduce the misinformation that is spreading like wildfire online. The internet is full of scams, fake reviews and dodgy products – That’s why I put a great effort in to testing and reviewing products, that’s why I can proudly say:

I only review products that I personally try

The products reviewed on is all products that I have tried and tested, I belief that the only way to truly review a product is by holding it in my hand and testing it to get a good feel for the product. does send out products to men in order to collect data for research, articles and reviews. Feel free to email me at if you want to be on the list of men that qualify as a research subject (all anonymously). All I need is a bit of information about your problem, it could be PE, ED, Peyronie’s or other problems.

Got any questions?

You can always send me an email, make a comment below the article or review you have a question for, or you could use the contact page here.