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Penis Exercise FAQ

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Q) How exactly can a guy make his penis bigger?

A) The process that your body goes through is scientifically proven. When you perform our penis enlargement exercises, you break down the cells and tissues within your penis. Your body repairs itself by slowly creating more cells and expanding the tissue, allowing more room for blood to flow. The additional room and increased blood flow results in a longer, bigger penis.

Q) How soon can I expect to see results?

A) Everybody is different. Some people see results within a couple of weeks. Others notice more length and size after a couple of months. A lot also depends upon how diligently you perform the exercises, your commitment and your health. If you perform the exercises each day, you’ll see results more quickly than if you do them once or twice a week. Think of it like training for a sports event. You have to be diligent.

Q) How much length can I add to my penis?

A) Results vary for each person. Some of the guys who do our exercises gain 1 inch. Most guys gain 2 inches and some add 3 inches to their penis length. There have also been a few guys who have added 4 inches.

Q) If I’m an older guy, can I still make my penis larger?

A) Absolutely. Some experts say that it’s actually easier for older guys to add length and girth.

Q) I’m out of shape. Can I still make my penis larger?

A) Yes. However, the best results are seen by guys who have good circulation. And that usually requires that a person be in good physical condition. If you’re out of shape, you can definitely perform our exercises and add size to your penis. Your progress (and the results you see) may be a little slower than guys in great shape. But, commit yourself. You’ll see results.

Questions About Penis Enlargement Techniques

Q) Where should I focus my attention when I’m doing the exercises to stretch my penis?

A) A lot of guys think that stretching their skin is how to add length. But, that’s completely wrong. Focus your attention on the flow of your blood. If you begin pulling on your penis to stretch the skin (hey, it’s natural), stop. You’re doing it wrong. And if you keep doing the exercises wrong, you won’t see the results you want.

Q) What’s the most important thing to focus on when I do the jelq exercise?

A) The key is the firmness of your grip on your penis. If you apply too little pressure, you won’t be able to encourage enough blood flow. Without the blood flow, the cells and tissue in your penis can’t fill completely with blood. If they don’t entirely fill with blood, they can’t expand. Ultimately, if you don’t apply enough pressure, you won’t see results.

The flip side is when you apply too much pressure. Excess pressure will trap the blood and prevent its flow throughout your penis. Think of how a tourniquet cuts off the flow of blood. It’s the same principle. Also, too much pressure during the jelq technique can bruise your penis. If that happens, you’ll need to avoid doing the exercises until your body heals the bruised tissue. And that, of course, delays results.

Q) Am I applying the right amount of pressure during the jelq exercise?

A) Be aware of what your body is telling you while you’re performing this technique. Watch your penis. Feel the sensations during the exercise. If you’re using too much pressure, you’ll notice the tissue starting to darken. That’s an early indication of bruising. It means you should ease up on the pressure.

On the other hand, if you can’t feel blood flowing throughout your penis, you’re probably using too little pressure. Apply more. The key to the jelq is to encourage blood flow by exerting pressure. But, you shouldn’t experience discomfort. Pay attention to your body. It’s the best way to measure the right amount of pressure. 

Questions About Penis Enlargement Exercises

Q) Should I exercise during a specific time of day?

A) You can perform the exercises anytime that’s best for your schedule. Some guys like to do them before heading into the office. Others prefer to do them when they get home from work or right before they go to bed. Choose a time that works best for you and be consistent.

Q) If I have the time, should I do the exercises more than once a day?

A) No. The key to enlarging your penis is allowing your body to recuperate after doing the exercises. That takes about 24 hours. If you repeat the exercises before your body has properly repaired the tissues in your penis, you won’t see growth. Perform them once a day and be consistent.

Q) Should I perform the exercises every day of the week?

A) We tell our clients to do the exercises each day for 5 straight days. Then, take 2 days off. This allows your body more time to regenerate cells and expand the tissues in your penis. During the 5 days that you’re actually doing the exercises (only once per day!), your body uses the time off (24 hours) to do its job. However, allowing your body an extra 2 days for recuperation usually provides even bigger gains. Your body can completely repair itself.

We’ve noticed that the men who see the least amount of growth are those who don’t allow their bodies enough time to recuperate. Instead, they dive into the exercises 7 days a week.

Exercise 5 days. Then, take 2 days off. You may feel like you’re not being productive during those 2 “vacation” days. But, your body is actually at its most productive state.

Q) Do I need to do the exercises for the recommended number of minutes?

A) We created these exercises to maximize their effectiveness while minimizing the amount of time required to do them. If you cut corners, you’ll see less results. We strongly suggest that you perform the exercises exactly as they’re described for the amount of time recommended. After you get into the routine of doing them consistently, you’ll find it easy to set aside the required time.

As with anything, your progress is a result of your commitment and dedication. Do the exercises diligently and you’ll see the results you want over time.

Q) Is it okay if I take more than a couple days off from the exercises?

A) We always recommend consistency when doing these exercises. Taking a couple of days off after 5 days of consistent exercise is a great idea. However, taking several days off can destroy your momentum. We understand that things can happen which limit the time you have available to perform these exercises. But, some of these techniques can be performed at any time in any place. For example, you can do exercises that strengthen your PC muscle while you’re driving or sitting in a meeting.

Being perfect is obviously impossible. Every schedule has snafus. But, you’ll need to do the exercises with consistency. Don’t take several days off.

Q) How soon after sex can I perform the exercises?

A) Wait 1 day after having sex before doing the exercises. If you’ve been enjoying especially vigorous sex, you may even want to wait 2 days. The reason is because you want to give your body enough time to recuperate and adjust before resuming your exercise routine.

Q) Can I break the exercise routine into several parts throughout the day?

A) Absolutely. We understand that doing our entire exercise regimen can take a lot of time. Not everyone can devote the time necessary all at once. So, feel free to do the exercises a few at a time throughout the day. It won’t hurt your progress at all.

Q) What lotion should I use for lubrication during the jelq technique?

A) Don’t use lotions. They don’t offer sufficient lubrication because they tend to dissipate too quickly. Also, avoid using shampoo or soap. The jelq technique requires pressure. Soaps and shampoos can cause severe dryness. Instead, use a water-based or oil-based lubricant. Popular brands include KY Jelly and Astroglide. You can even use Vitamin E oil or baby oil.

Q) During the stretching exercises, I keep losing my grip. What can I do?

A) It’s easy to lose your grip when doing the stretching exercises. But, here’s a great way to fix the problem: use a little baby powder. It’s easy to use, cheap to buy and will prevent you from losing your grip on your penis. We’ve received a lot of emails from guys using baby powder. It works perfectly.

Q) Should I trim my pubic hair to make doing the stretching exercises easier?

A) That’s a great idea and we recommend it. Pubic hair can easily get in the way when you’re performing these penis enlargement exercises. Trim it out of the way. Not only will this prevent uncomfortable pulling of the hair, but it’ll make your penis look larger (which helps you maintain focus on the exercises).

Q) Is it important to do the warm up exercises?

A) Yes! In fact, this may be the most important part of your entire exercise routine. When you warm up, the tissue within your penis has the opportunity to become more elastic. It will stretch and expand more easily with less potential of injury. Plus, warming up encourages increased blood circulation in your penis. Since blood flow is critical to seeing results from these exercises, warming up should not be neglected.

Q) Is it important to warm down after performing the exercises?

A) Yes! Warming down is just as important as warming up. It allows your body to recuperate more quickly. The faster your body can heal the cells and begin expanding the tissues throughout your penis, the faster you’ll see results.

Q) How can I prevent getting an erection while doing the exercises?

A) First of all, don’t get frustrated. Getting aroused while performing these exercises is completely natural. Remember, your penis has grown used to the same process for years: arousal, erection, orgasm. So, it’s normal to get an erection when starting these exercises. Over time, as you perform these techniques consistently, your body will get used them. As you slowly build ejaculatory control, you’ll experience erections during your routine less frequently and eventually not at all.

In the meantime, when you get an erection during a technique, simply stop what you’re doing for a moment. Your erection will subside and you can resume the exercise. Focus your attention on the blood flow into your penis. If you can control your thoughts, you can control your erections.

Q) Is it okay to ejaculate after doing the exercises?

A) You should NOT ejaculate before or after the exercises. And here’s why…

After ejaculation, the tissues in your penis constrict and your levels of testosterone diminish. To get the most out of these exercises, you need your penile tissues to expand. This encourages increased blood flow into the penis, which is necessary to add length and girth.

If you ejaculate before doing these penis enlargement techniques, wait 2 hours. This will give your body enough time to recuperate. Also, wait at least 3 hours after doing your exercise routine before ejaculating.

One last note: Even though you’ll feel the urge to ejaculate while performing these techniques, don’t. Your progress is dependent upon developing the ability to control your ejaculations. If you do so before you’re done with the exercises, you’ll have blown your momentum. If the urge to ejaculate is strong while performing a certain technique, stop and let the urge subside. Once it does, resume the exercise.

Q) Is it normal for my penis to feel sore after doing the exercises?

A) Don’t panic if you feel a little soreness (especially if you’re just beginning). It’s normal. During the first few weeks, your penis is still getting accustomed to the stretching and pulling pressure you’re exerting on it. Give your penis time to adjust and make sure you’re using a good lubricant.

One common reason some men experience soreness is that they neglect doing the warm up and warm down exercises. Both are necessary.

If you’re feeling intense soreness, take a few days off. You may have ruptured capillaries or have caused bruising. But, try not to stop doing the exercises completely. Instead, cut back on the repetitions and time spent. Once the soreness goes away, you can bump up your routine back to the normal recommended levels.

Q) Is it okay to have sex right after performing these exercises?

A) We always recommend that you allow your body 1 day to recuperate after doing the exercises before having sex. Remember, most of the results you’ll see in the size of your penis are due to how effective your body is at repairing itself afterward. You won’t cause any harm to your penis by having sex soon after doing your technique. But, it can slightly impact your progress.

Q) Can I add changes to the exercises?

A) We created these exercises to maximize your results. That being said, feel free to choose certain exercises over others. We always recommend going through the entire regimen, but you can customize your program according to your preferences. But, don’t neglect the warm up or warm down exercises. Those are critical and should be a part of every penis enlargement program.

Q) Do I need to take any additional steps if I’m not circumcised?

A) There are no additional steps you need to take. However, you should keep one thing in mind: some of the exercises require you to stop at the base of your penis head. If you’re uncircumcised, your foreskin will cover the head of your penis. It’s not a big deal because you can easily feel the point at which the head begins. So, you don’t need to do anything different than someone who’s circumcised. You just have to pay more attention to your body.

Q) How long should I continue doing these exercises?

A) Technically, you can do them for the rest of your life. But, that doesn’t mean you’ll experience continued growth. Your penile tissue can expand but it has its limits. You’ll experience the most significant growth during the first 6 months of performing the exercises.

However, a few of the exercises can be valuable if performed consistently over the years. For example, the strength of your PC muscle can decline over time. So, it’s a good idea to continue doing those exercises even after you’ve achieved maximum penile growth.

Questions About Maximizing Results

Q) How can I get fast results when using your penis enlargement exercises?

A) The best way to get quick results is to build your workout routine around our exercises. We created the regimen to maximize your results in the shortest time possible. The key is to focus and be diligent. It’s so easy to be lazy one day and neglect doing your exercises. But, if you skip a day here or there, you can slow your progress dramatically.

Remember how these penis enlargement techniques work. Your body goes through a daily healing process and expands your penile tissue. It’s the same with bodybuilders. It takes time to add mass to your body. Enlarging your penis works the same way.

Focus and be consistent in doing your exercises. You may see results a couple of weeks. Or, it may take a few months. But, commit yourself to doing your exercises as we recommend.

Other questions about penis exercises

Q) What happens if I masturbate while doing these exercises?

A) If you masturbate right before performing the penis enlargement techniques that we recommend, it may cause soreness in the head of your penis. Our suggestion: if you have to masturbate, do so 2 hours before doing the exercises.

Q) Would you tell me what the PC muscle is?

A) PC stands for pubococcygeus. But, you don’t need to remember that. The only thing you need to remember is that the PC muscle forms around your penis, anus and prostate. It encircles your genitals in a figure eight that connects your tailbone with your pubic bone. Some people refer to your PC muscle as the “love” muscle because it has a vital role in your body’s sexual response. When you have an orgasm and ejaculate, your body experiences a series of spasms. Those spasms are due to your PC muscle going through contractions.

Q) What makes the PC muscle so important to sex?

A) Developing the strength of your PC muscle is one of the best ways you can enjoy sex more. Here’s a little fact that will describe why: 85% of men can’t have sex longer than 3 minutes without ejaculating. And it’s all due to their PC muscle. It’s weak. It’s underdeveloped. And ultimately, their sexual experiences (and their partner’s) are lackluster. But, if you exercise your PC muscle, you can last as long as you want while having sex.

Q) If that’s not enough reason for you to develop that muscle, here are a few more…

  1. you can get rock solid erections whenever you want.
  2. you (and your partner) can experience multiple orgasms without tiring.
  3. not only will your erections be hard as a rock, your penis will actually look muscular (a huge turn-on to your partner).
  4. you can have the sexual stamina that only a few men experience. Plus, you’ll be able to ejaculate more and your orgasms will be much more intense.
  5. A stronger PC muscle leads to better circulation. That paves the way for a bigger penis and greater sensitivity during sex.

Q) Where is my PC muscle?

A) Your PC muscle sits between your anus and your testicles. There are a number of ways to locate it (and we’ve covered that in detail elsewhere on our site). Here’s one of the easiest ways to find the muscle: while urinating, stop while in midstream. You’ll feel a muscle contraction. That’s your PC muscle.

Q) How can I fix my curved penis?

A) Normally, if your penis is curved, it’s due to one side being tighter than the other. If you’re diligent in doing the penis enlargement exercises that we recommend, you’ll find that your penis will eventually straighten out.

Q) Can you recommend any exercises to help me overcome impotence?

A) A lot of impotence problems are due to having a weak PC muscle. If that muscle isn’t developed, it can prevent you from getting and sustaining an erection. Perform the exercises that we created for strengthening your PC muscle (you’ll find them on this site). A well-developed PC muscle can help resolve age-related impotence issues. But, you have to do the exercises consistently.

Q) As a result of doing the exercises, my penis is now the size I want. How do I stay this size?

A) You’ve obviously been doing the exercises consistently (a key point that we continue to drill home). So, congratulations. You definitely deserve the gains you’ve seen. Now, to keep your current larger penis size, you should do the same exercises but scale them down.

For example, there’s no need to do them every day. Do them 3 times per week. Plus, reduce the repetitions to 50% (or even 30%) of the normal routine. You’re simply maintaining your new, larger penis size. Remember, your penis is like any muscle: if you don’t use it, it’ll atrophy. So, doing a few penis stretches and maybe a jelq every once in a while is necessary to maintain your size.

Also, don’t forget to continue working your PC muscle (trust us, your partner will thank you!).


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    Actually, penis exercises are not always about getting the penis bigger, they also are about strengthening certain muscles such as the pelvic muscles and some other benefits: fuller erections, better orgasms and etc.
    There are many home exercises which are aimed to enlarge your penis size. Penis growth depends on the amount of levels of sex hormones, available essential vitamins, and sufficient blood circulation, especially in the penile muscles. All these requirements can be met through healthy diet plans: that have been proven to promote penis growth.
    So, put your sexual and emotional experience on the next level!

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      The results from penis extenders and exercises are permanent. Results from penis pumps are temporary at first, but they turn permanent after 4-6 months of use. ALL supplements are temporary.
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