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How Do Penis Extenders Work?

Are you man enough to know How Do Penis Extenders Work?

Well, if you take a look at a penis extender – it is just actually a simple machine (by merely looking at it) but in reality, much studies has been spent to make the tool really works and of course an exhaustively tests followed after that.

Before I let you in to the wonder of this device, let me frankly inform you that penis extenders are more than just stretching the penis, there’s actually a little bit more stories than that.

But don’t you worry, I won’t dwell much on the technical jargons and scientific terms today. I’ll do my best to explain on a very simple man’s terms.

First, in order to better understand how a penis extender works, let us first look down there. Yup, that’s it. Look past below your tummy and I’m pretty sure you can still properly see it, I hope. If not,  don’t lose hope because this site primary reason it’s existing is to help people like you looking for ways to make your penis longer.

how does a penis extender work

Diagram of the arteries of the penis (c/o

Let’s start. If you study the inner working of the penis, one of the biggest vein or tube you can find inside is the urethra. The urethra is enclosed by soft tissue region known as the spongiosum. I know you are aware that there are two bigger veins or arteries in your penis. The main function of these is to carry blood in to the penis. These two principal arteries are surrounded by two larger tissue regions run parallel along the top or dorsal side of the penis  and they are responsible to provide most of the blood and bulk to the penis during erection. If you want to extend your penis, these are the regions you need to increase these sections!

Penis Extenders  – the only logical solution to increase the size  of the penis.

Now that you are aware, the penis does not consist of muscle only but it consist also with soft , spongy tissue just like our other organs in our body like our stomach. The only logical way to increase the size is by stretching the muscle. This is done by employing a controlled light force called traction for a period of time. Stretching causes micro tear in the tissue cells which effectively will force the body to generate new tissue in the region which in turn will force the penis to grow. The traction process will also improve blood circulation thus increasing the size of the blood vessels to let more blood flow. Using this process alone, it has been proven that a lot of men  often notices harder and longer-lasting erections.

Penis Enlargement Involve Time

The element of time is the key to a successful penis enlargement. You don’t think it will stretch in one night, do you? If you want a sustained and really successful penis elongation, you need are required to wear the penis extender for between 4 to 6 hours a day. Of course, this depends on what you do in your life. You need to take into consideration your environment and other factors specially in your work and your lifestyle.  So if you want the program to really work, invest time for it!

It is important to buy a penis extender with a good comfort system so you can wear the extender for 4-6 hours a day. See my top list of penis extenders here.

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