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The AndroPenis extender is one of the best penis extenders on the market right now. The design of this extender is really well thought of and the comfort system is above average. AndroPenis Extender review 2019The Results are great and you can enjoy them the rest of your life!
AndroPenis benefits:

  • Increase your penis length by up to 30%
  • Increase your penis width by up to 20%
  • Improve your erection quality
  • Last longer in bed

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Take a good look at the usual stretches and penis extenders offered in the market today, you will realize that a majority of them are below standards. Their usage results in a rather unpleasant and painful experience. However, Andropenis extender is a much different product compared to most extenders in the market. Read my review of the most sold penis extender in the world below!

What is Andropenis Extender?

Andropenis extender is a device that has been medically certified and prescribed by doctors all over the world, to help in treating men who have a broad range of problems with penis size and sexual performance.

The andropenis extender system

Andromedical(the company that developed it) is a urological laboratory that for years has been developing penis enlargement treatments. Andropenis is known all over the world for its intelligent design that offers a highly comfortable experience and great results.

How Does Andropenis Extender Work?

Andropenis extender is designed to provide some real results that are achieved gradually to ensure that you are comfortable as you increase your penis in size. Men wear the enlarger over a flaccid penis. To make sure that the penis is comfortably held in position without being pulled or pinched to the point of discomfort, Andropenis comes with some comfort straps.

Andropenis has a very innovative design that applies a very minimal pressure on the penis. Wearing this device for some several hours daily causes some tiny tears to appear in the penis tissue. When these tears are formed, men can not feel pain since the process is slow and steady.

The body will naturally develop new cells through the cellular division that will fill the holes in the tissue. This process is known as cytokinesis and creates an increase in girth and length. Andropenis effectiveness can be attributed to a successful application of a medical concept called traction. Traction has been used by different tribes around the world for many years. The effectiveness if traction can be demonstrated by the elongated lips, neck, and earlobes that different tribes achieve by placing pressure on these body parts.

andropenis extender celldivision
The cytokinesis process happens when the penis is stretched for long periods of time

By wearing the extender for several hours daily over a period of 6 months you will be able

Advantages of Andropenis Extender

  • Permanent lengthening of the penis
  • An increase in the total number of cells in your penis
  • No oral treatment is required
  • Thickening of the girth of your penis


  • The extender does take some time to get used to, but don’t worry you will get the hang of i!
  • It’s not the most feature packed extender on the marked, but the price is also a lot cheaper than most other extenders.

Additional Useful Tips

  • Clean the device weekly with neutral soap and clean water
  • Be patient and consistent, also ensure that you observe rest periods to allow blood flow in the penis
  • Refrain from using it if you are usually engaged in hard physical labor
  • Do not wear the device if you expect to use alcohol or drugs
  • Do not wear the device when urinating.
  • Follow the guidelines provided in the manual to learn how to use it safely and correctly
  • If you experience some discomfort, remove the device and massage the penis. Give it a short break for it to relax and then wear it later.
  • You can buy AndroPenis spare parts in the unlikely senario that one of the parts in your extender breaks.
andropenis spare parts can be bought online
andropenis spare parts can be bought online

Andropenis Extender Results

To start with, the results will always vary of course depending with the penis. However, the average increase in length for a period of 6 months is 2.3 cm. This is when you wear it for about 4 to 6 hours every day. The average increase in girth over the same period is 1 to 4 cm

andropenis results

AndroPenis Testimonals

I’m in touch with a lot of men who use different types of penis enlargement products and I try to collect as much data from them as possible to help other men.

All the data is anonymous.

Some of that data is testimonials of products and methods – Here are some of the testimonials of AndroPenis extender:

  1. At 49 years old, I was skeptical about purchasing this product. When I started using this product I had a curved and short penis- with an erect length of 130mm. After 6 months of using andropenis extender, I achieved a penis length of 160mm and curvature diminished. It is now 12 months since I started using this product and has achieved a length of 180mm with no curvature at all. In fact, my wife and I are very happy with this product.
  2. This product is of superior quality, and anyone who has used Andropenis extender knows it as a top-notch penis extender. When I ordered the product, it arrived in sealed box with each component individually packed in plastic. The product came with a detailed manual and an instructional DVD. In overall, I am happy with product and I say this is the best penis enlarger in the market. In fact, this product has significantly improved my sex life.
  3. My girlfriend is amazed by how my penis size increased by 1.9 inches after few months of using the product. Nowadays, my erections are firmer with improved quality of sex. I guess there is nobody who is much happier than me when it comes to having great sex. I don’t have words to thank the person who came up with the idea of making Andropenis extender.
  4. With better sex, my wife and I have never been happier than now. My penis length has increased by almost 2 inches. Using Andropenis extender was easy and comfortable. In fact, I could wear the extender discreetly under my clothes without anyone noticing. If you want fast and safe penis enlargement, then choose Andropenis because it works.
  5. I have only used this device for about one week, but I am surprised at how it is comfortable to wear. In the past, I have used other extenders, but I still insist Andropenis is the best. I only use the device for about 1-2 hours each day, but I have noticed a significant improvement in length and hardness. I am impressed by how much I have an erection like in my twenties, yet I am in the late forties. With the results I had already achieved, I confident I will realize my goals. Again, I thank Andropenis for giving me confidence.

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Bottom Line: Do I recommend AndroPenis extender?

I hope the review above has assisted you to know a thing or two about Andropenis extender. And with everything that has been outlined above, I think it is pretty obvious that I highly recommend this product. If you are seriously interested in solving most of the problems associated with male enhancement, then Andropenis is the product for you.

Andropenis extender may well be one of the best extenders to date that can increase the penis length of the user without necessarily going through surgery.

If you are looking for some real results when it comes to penis growth and enlargement from one of the most comfortable extenders available in the market today; please take a good look at the Andropenis extender.

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