Hey guys

I get lots of emails every day and love to answer them and help people in need, but it is very time consuming and a lot of the information that I give it already available on this website.

So please read the FAQ for the product(s) and comments before posting questions. This will help me save time that I can use to answer questions that has not been asked in the past.

How to contact me?

There are 3 ways you can contact me:

  1. Use the contact form below.
  2. Send me an email at staustinreview@gmail.com
  3. Post a comment to the review/article that you like to ask something about.

The first two options are for more personal questions and the last is for general question about the products and it will be public (so don’t share personal information).

Do I post personal information?

I get a lot of emails with very personal information and a lot of people are afraid that it will get online but I have/will never post any names/email address or any other personal information. I will however use your questions and my answers in my FAQ’s to improve them and to help other guys out.

Got a question for me? Feel free to ask them here or in the comment section below each article.