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vigrx delay spray review 2018

VigRX Delay spray is a very quick and easy way to avoid premature ejaculation.

Just spray it on your penis and enjoy long lasting sex without the fear of premature ejaculation.

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  • Prevent premature ejaculation
  • Long lasting sex
  • Finish when you are ready

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What is premature ejaculation?


One of the most common issues that men face while having sex is ejaculating too quickly. While cuming fast due to an explosion of senses feel really great, it doesn’t beat the pleasure of having an explosive orgasm after a long time of grinding. Besides, premature ejaculation also leaves your partner unsatisfied and unhappy because they didn’t reach orgasm like you.

If you’re facing troubles lasting in bed, then VigRX Delay Spray is a product you should definitely check out. This is a spray that will help you last longer in bed and rock your partner’s world!

VigRX delay review can be used to treat premature ejaculation

What is VigRX Delay Spray?

To put it simply, this is a spray that helps in desensitizing the penis so that you last longer than two or three minutes. This is a desensitizer for males that contains a very mild anesthetic that works towards delaying your sexual response but doesn’t interfere with the satisfaction of having an orgasm or pleasure out of sex.

Sex isn’t only about pleasing yourself, but rather about your partner’s needs and wants. Lasting longer in bed will not only improve your sexual pleasure and power of the orgasm, but your partner will also experience a heightened sense of sexual satisfaction.

What does it do for me?

VigRX Delay Spray is a remarkable male sexual enhancement product that can work as a cure for premature ejaculation. Not being able to last longer in bed is not a problem that remains confined to the bedroom, but can also take a toll on other aspects of the nothing can be said to a man than losing his masculinity by not being able to please his woman.

If you use this spray, sexual encounters will be much more enriched and orgasms far more powerful. It will also boost your confidence, knowing that you are able to make your woman climax time and again before you do. These are enough reasons for you to try out this one-of-a-kind spray.

How does VigRX Delay Spray work?

It’s a fact that women take more time to reach orgasm through intercourse than a man, and this can be troublesome for many men who cannot last longer than two or three minutes. Our penis itself is an organ that’s very sensitive and has a great response to sexual stimuli than a vagina.

VigRX Delay Spray works by making your penis less sensitive to sexual stimuli, thus making it easier for you to last longer in bed. This is a boon for men because nobody wants to leave their partner unsatisfied after reaching a climax. By using the spray, not only will you be giving your woman multiple orgasms but will also develop a happy and healthy relationship.

VigRX Delay Spray Ingredient labelIngredients in VigRX Delay Spray

This is an all natural product whose primary ingredient is a mild anesthetic known as benzocaine. Benzocaine is a substance that inhibits VDSCs (voltage-dependant sodium channels) on the nerve membranes located within the penile tissue and stops the propagation of action potential. In layman terms, the substance tells your nerves just to relax and take it easy.

And important ingredient known as Lidocaine is another numbing agent that’s often found in many gels and creams. However, the substance is much potent than benzocaine and have been observed to cause excessive numbing in some cases. Since VigRX Delay Spray doesn’t contain Lidocaine, you are assured the perfect balance between sensitivity and desensitization.

This spray is manufactured in a cGMP-compliant factory in the US, so you don’t have to worry about any breach of health and safety regulations.

How do I use the spray?

This product is incredibly easy to use, and all you have to do is apply just 1 to 3 sprays and wait for approximately 10 minutes for your penis to absorb it. Remember that different people need different doses of VigRX Delay Spray, so you may need to do a bit of experimenting to find the sweet spot.

The effects of use also vary, but you can typically last around 20 to 30 minutes with every use. Of course, it’s very likely that you’ll last much longer the more experience you gain in using it. And perhaps the best part is that you can combine this spray with other male enhancement products without any fear of suffering side effects.

Are there any side effects?

VigRX Delay Spray side effects

While no side-effects were recorded by men while using this product, it’s important that you do not overspray VigRX Delay Spray as it may lead to excessive numbness. This, however, is the case with any male desensitizing spray. So be on the safe side and keep the number of sprays between 1 to 3 and never more.

It’s worth mentioning that some people might be allergic to this substance; for them, it’s best that they try and find some other product to use.

Where to buy?

From my experience, I can say it’s best that you buy VigRX Delay Spray from nowhere other than the product website. There are a huge number of counterfeit products in the market that are imitating to be the real deal and publicity scams. Do not fall victim to these scams and order directly from the official website, and not from marketplaces like Amazon or any other.

You also get the liberty of returning the product within 67 days if you’re not satisfied with the results and claim a full refund. However, you do have to pay for shipping and handling in that case.

vigrx delay spray review 2018My recommendation

If you have the problem of premature ejaculation, it is very likely that you’ve been looking for feasible solutions for a long time but with no effect. But if you take my opinion, I’ll definitely ask you to try out the VigRX Delay Spray by yourself and notice the outcome. It is an excellent quality product that’s been manufactured in accordance with strict health and safety regulations.

It is fast-acting and easy to apply, making it my ideal choice for a desensitizer. Believe it or not, I can even last up to an hour on some days after using this spray. It’s time that you put behind those embarrassing days and brought a revolutionary change to blossom sex and romance in your life.

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