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Dry penis skin is not considered to be a severe problem, but it might worsen with time and can cause some serious issues. The issue can affect any man at any age and can cause a lot of discomfort that can lead to erectile dysfunction,impotence, anxiety and other psychological problems. If the dryness aggravates every day, it might even lead to cancer. So, extreme dryness of the penis skin needs a doctor’s attention.

Symptoms of dry penis skin

You need to diagnose this problem at an early stage as dryness will make you prone to bacterial infection. The signs are more than simply dryness, here are some of the symptoms:

  1. Cracking, flaking, itching, peeling or rugged appearance of the penis.
  2. Rashes or redness which might increase after sexual activity.
  3. There might be discharges with a foul smell.
  4. Blisters or sores on the penis.
  5. Penile discoloration or darkening.
  6. You may feel pain while urinating or penis might feel hot.

Causes and their treatments with precautionary measures

Lack of lubrication resulting in friction:

If you are masturbating roughly without using any lubricants or having sex for an extended duration, it might result in friction and increase heat due to the decrease of the body’s natural lubricating oils. Even rubbing your penis against clothing may resulting increased friction which results in soreness and tears on the skin. If you have dry skin naturally, you will be more susceptible to increased friction.

lubrication prevents penis dryness

Treatment and precautions:

  1. Penis friendly moisturizers really help as they contain Vitamin E and Shea Butter which hydrates and also soothes the irritated skin, you can find a good selection of creams, gels, and oils here.
  2. Increase water intake to keep always hydrated.
  3. You need to stop all kind of sexual activity till it heals.
  4. Soft cotton clothing decreases the chances of friction.
  5. Fabric softeners keep your clothes soft reducing friction and heat.

Yeast infection

Though this is more common in women, men can also be affected by yeast infecrions, especially men who have a weak immune system are at risk.
Some medications might also make you susceptible to yeast infections causing the skin to peel off with fissures or painful cuts.

Yeast infections causes penis dryness

Treatment and precautions:

  1. Cease all sexual contact as this infection is contagious.
  2. Consultation with a doctor is highly recommended for proper diagnosis.
  3. Apply penis specific moisturizers and anti-fungal medication for faster healing.
  4. Keep the affected area dry as accumulated moisture may result in the fungus to grow rapidly.

Allergic Reactions

Eczema and skin allergies might cause dryness, rashes, flaking, and irritation of the skin. Skin allergies are common result of the chemicals used in different products such as spermicides, latex, deodorants, soaps or body wash, and detergents. You may also be allergic to common grass and some plants like poison oak or poison ivy.

Treatment and Precautions:

  1. Use soaps specially made for sensitive skin and wash the area thoroughly with it.
  2. Stop the use of spermicides and use silicon or polyurethane condoms as an alternative to the latex condoms.
  3. Avoid deodorants that use chemicals which might cause irritation.
  4. Avoid usage of general laundry detergents and use specially designed detergents which do not make you allergenic.
  5. Get an allergy test conducted to know exactly to what things you are allergic and consult a doctor.
  6. Apply moisturizers specifically designed for penile skin for better and faster cure of the aggravated areas.


This is a disease which can affect any part of the body and studies have shown that almost 3% of the world’s population is affected with Psoriasis. This causes aggravated dryness and peeling of large grey flakes of the skin. Stress can also be one of the causes of Psoriasis.

psosarsis can cause dry penis skin

Treatment and Precautions:

  1. Meditation can help in reducing stress.
  2. Consultation with a dermatologist is very important in this case who may prescribe penis specific nutrient cream known as retinol, oral medications and ointments containing moisturizers, Vitamin A and Vitamin E.
  3. Chemicals which cause skin allergies may aggravate Psoriasis need to be avoided.

You can find a lot more information on psoriasis here.

Harsh Body Cleansers or Soaps

Even if you are not allergic to chemicals in soaps or body cleansers, regular harsh soaps or cleansers can wash away your natural lubricating oils from the body along with dirt, grease or sweat. This causes dryness of the penile skin leading to irritation, itching, flaking and cracking. Usually, cheaper soaps or cleansers are low in quality which affects the skin adversely.

chemicals in soap can lead to dry skin on your penis

Treatment and Precautions:

  1. Replace the low-quality soaps and cleansers with high-quality products specially manufactured for sensitive skin. Hypo-allergenic cleansers and baby wash products are perfect for sensitive skin.
  2. Wash thoroughly to remove the cleansers applied to your body thoroughly.
  3. Apply olive oil and coconut oil to the affected areas to keep the skin moist and rich in nutrients.
  4. Applying penis moisturizers to avoid dryness of the skin.
  5. Doctors often prescribe specific ointments or anti-allergic drugs, but it is recommended to be used with consultation only.


As we conclude, you must be relieved to know all the treatments and precautions you need to take in case you have the above-mentioned symptoms are all here. However, it is always advisable to check with the dermatologist and seek treatment as soon as possible because you don’t want the condition to worsen by any means.

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