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The Male Edge extender is the successor of the successful Jes Extender that was the very first penis extender. Male Edge has some very smart features that are way better than most traditional extenders. Most penis extenders are made from steal, but Male Edge is made from plastic very strong plastic and it makes it lighter and therefore more comfortable to wear.
Male Edge review 2018
Results after 6 months:

  • Up to 28% longer penis
  • Up to 19% thicker penis
  • Corrects up to 90% penis curvature
  • Stronger erections

I personally recommend Male Edge Penis Extender
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User Review
3.94 (95 votes)


The Male Edge extender is a decent choice when it comes to selecting the right penis extender, but it does a one big flaw and that’s the materials. It does break very easily and that why I dont recommend it, out can find some better options here and here.

When it comes to improving your penis size, there are a lot of options and methods available aside from the invasive surgical procedures that are usually expensive and unsafe. There’s a cheaper and non-invasive alternative called a penis extender, I’ll be looking at the Male Edge penis extender in this review.

What is Male Edge?

maleedge penis extender reviewThe Male Edge extender is the successor of the successful Jes Extender that was the very first penis extender, almost all penis extenders are built around the same principles as the Jes Extender.

The Jes Extender was developed by DanaMedic in 1996 in Denmark and has since helped over a million men gain a larger penis. The Male Edge was developed in 2008 by the same company and has some improved features compared to traditional penis extenders.

How does Male Edge Work?

The Male Edge uses traction to stretch your penis longer and wider, the traction will result in a permanently larger penis if used on a regularly basis.

The cells in your penis start to split and multiply when they are put under tension, this is a slow process and time is the key to a larger penis with a penis extender.

Get more details on how Male Edge works in the video below:

The best thing about this product is that you don’t have to worry about the negative side effects, the cell multiplication is a natural process that happens throughout your body every day. Moreover, since the penis isn’t a muscle, even when you stop using the device, the results you have achieved will be permanent.

How do I use it?

  1. Adjust the length of the extender to your penis size.
  2. Mount the device on your penis
  3. Tighten the strap around your penis, just below the glans.
  4. Adjust the traction according to your level of comfort by pushing the rods forward (See images below).
  5. Wear the device for 4-6 hours
  6. Take the device off and enjoy your results

male edge traction adjustment

It is important to be very consistent with the use. Aim for 5-6 days a week for 4-6 hours pr. day for the best results. It is however important to take a day off each week to let your penis rest.

Using a penis extender is very time consuming, but the good news is that you can wear it under your cloth, but don’t expect to do physical work while you wear it.

Remember to read the instruction manual before use, you can download it here.


Here are some of the benefits that you can enjoy while using this device:

  • Permanent results – The increased size you gain through the use of this device will remain for the rest of your life.
  • Curvature correction – Does your penis bent? Male Edge will correct penis curvature.
  • Easy to Extend – Extending this penis enlargement device doesn’t require a lot of effort at all. Just rotate the rods clockwise and pull the rods outward to your preferred length.
  • Amount of Pressure – The Male Edge gives the user full control of the amount of pressure that can be applied. For instance, you can choose from three different settings, such as 2.800, 2.000, and 1.200 grams. With traditional extenders, there’s only one amount of pressure that’s usually around 1.500 grams.
  • Fits all Sizes – This device is suitable for all penis sizes– no matter how big or how small a penis is. The 2-way front piece should be turned around if the penis is below/over 5 inches.


  • Plastic – The Male Edge is made from plastic; it is very tough plastic but it’s still not as strong as metal.
  • Getting used to it – It does take some time to get used to wearing the extender. (This does apply to all penis extenders)

Male Edge Results

What about the results? A lot who has tried this device have asserted that the Male Edge penis extender works remarkably well.

After wearing this extender for two weeks, you’ll notice that your penis looks bigger even when flaccid, and more so when erect. Aside from that, there’s no need to use other aggressive techniques just to enhance your penis size. All you have to do is allow the Male Edge to work for at least 3 hours a day, and use it every day.

Although this isn’t really a miracle gadget that will give you the results you’re aiming for overnight, you’ll begin to enjoy positive results that are permanent after a month or so.

maleedge penis extender results

To support that, other users have reported a 28% increase in their penis size and a 19% increase in their girth. These gains are permanent, considered the fact that it’s a natural method of enhancement.

As for those who are diagnosed with Peyronie’s disease, it has been said that the Male Edge extender could also decrease the amount of curvature by 50-90%.

Should I pick the Male Edge Pro, Extra or Basic?

The price difference between the different versions of Male Edge is quite small compared to other penis extenders. I always recommend people to buy the Male Edge pro version because it offers the best value, it does simple not make any sense to save a few dollars and get the basic version.

male edge basic, Male Edge extra or Male Edge pro

You can read more about the different versions on

Accessories and spare parts for Male Edge

Did you get the basic version and want to “upgrade” it with more parts or did one of the parts on your extender break? You can upgrade it  and get all sorts of replacement part for your Male Edge extender here.

male edge spare parts and replacement parts

Male Edge testimonials

I help 100’s of men with all sorts of sexual problems including having a small penis. Here are some of the testimonials from users of Male Edge that I have gotten in the past 4 years.

“I’ve gained nearly 1 inch in the past 3 months”

Male Edge works. Wow. I’m sitting here in disbelief. I’ve gained nearly 1 inch in the past 3 months, with .3 inches increase in width! I’m definitely keeping up with the system. To those of you who are like me starting small, just do it! I feel so much better now that I did this.
St. Austin Review
Male Edge works. Wow. I’m sitting here in disbelief. I’ve gained nearly 1 inch in the past 3 months, with .3 inches increase in width! I’m definitely keeping up with the system. To those of you who are like me starting small, just do it! I feel so much better now that I did this.
St. Austin Review

“Can’t wait to see what happens after 3 months of use”

I admit I was a sketic at first, but with the money bank guarantee I figured I would take a chance. I must say that after a month use I have seen almost a cm. in growth! Can't wait to see what happens after 3 months of use!
St. Austin Review
I admit I was a sketic at first, but with the money bank guarantee I figured I would take a chance. I must say that after a month use I have seen almost a cm. in growth! Can't wait to see what happens after 3 months of use!
St. Austin Review

Have your own testimonials displayed here – email me at (No personal information will be shared)

Do I recommend Male Edge?

In my opinion, the Male Edge extender has the best traction adjusting mechanism of all penis extenders, it’s a lot easier to adjust than other traditional penis extenders. This might not sound like a big thing, but those of us who has tried other penis extenders know that it’s a big deal!

The results from the extender is really good and it offers a good comfort system.

The only complaint I have is the use of plastic instead of metal, it’s not as strong as other extenders, but on the bright side it does make it very light weight thus making it more comfortable to wear.
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  1. Aarush

    Hello Sir
    How can I get this extender in India?

    1. Austin St.


      Yes, no problem at all. Just order the extender from the website and they will ship it to India. I don’t know the shipping time to India but you can tell me if you order it.

      Best regards,

  2. Charles

    Hey Austin
    I have been using the Male Edge extender with good results that last 2 months, but I want to speed up the gains a bit.
    Is it a good ideer to use a penis pump and the extender?
    Looking forward to your reply.

    1. Austin St.


      Yes, that is a very good solution, I personally use a Bathmate pump and a penis extender. The extender is best for length gains and the pump is best for girth gains so they work very well together.
      You can check out my list of best penis pumps here

      Best regards,

  3. Gerald666

    Tried the MaleEdge Pro, It actually works. It takes some paitence and theres a learning curve, but I am getting bigger.looking forward to see what type of gain I can get after a few months.

    1. Austin St.


      Great job mate!

      Best regards,

  4. Oswald Knight

    This thing is a magic worker. I used it on the recommendation of a colleague and wow it really put 2.1 inches to my penis size in just 3 months. The key is to be patient and consistent user of this device. For more info you can check where you will find lots of useful info on how to extend your penis. Besides, in 2001, the condom maker Durex asked men going to its site to participate in a penis measure study, and just shy of 3000 men reacted. They quantified themselves and revealed the outcomes to the site. The normal erect length was 16.3 cm (6.4 inches), and the normal perimeter (measured round the penis at its amplest point) was 13.3 cm (5.2 inches). It is hard to know how solid these estimations are – there might have been some unrealistic speculation included. The study additionally demonstrated that a long penis isn’t normally thick. Durex says, “While the ‘legendary’ plentifully supplied man with a long and wide penis exists, there are not that huge numbers of them about.”

  5. Richard

    This device is brilliant, I have only been using it for just over a week but can already see results in both length and a small amount in girth and I am pretty sure that this is not my imagination.
    There is one thing I don’t understand however, the main “stretching” occurs when the extender rods are pulled out to the 800g mark, the 2000g and the 2800g marks being nearer the base. In fact my extender will not hold the rods in place at the point of greatest traction, this being near the base when the springs exert quite a force.
    Am I misunderstanding or doing something wrong, or alternatively, do you think that my extender is faulty?
    Your advice would be appreciated.

    1. Austin St.

      That does not sound right to me, could you take a picture of it and send it to me on I’ll have a look at it.
      I’m glad that you’re already seeing some great results.

      Best regards,

      1. Richard

        Hi Austin,
        Thanks for your help, I have sent the photos to your e-mail address.
        Just one further bit of information, the extender is great when I am sitting still, but as soon as I move around, the elongation rods slide back down towards the base and I have to push them forward again.
        I may be missing something but I don’t think so……….
        Kind regards,

  6. Richard

    Hi Austin,
    I have sent you a further photo.
    Kind regards,

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