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Testogen review 2018 - Testosterone booster supplement

A low level of testosterone in your body can have a negativ effect on your training, sex-lift, energy level, and your ability to burn fat.

With TestoGen you are able to increase your level in a quick and easy way and enjoy all the benefits that comes with it.


  • Gain Lean Muscles
  • Burns Excess Fat
  • Increases Energy Levels
  • Increases Libido

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testogen supplement


If you are working out hard at the gym with proper diet but not getting the desired results, you probably need a supplement to help you out. Steroids that have been banned by the FDA might help you
initially but in the long-run, they will inevitably cause harm to your body. Boosting testosterone levels plays a significant role in body-building; it increases stamina and energy levels, burns fat quickly, improves your mood with better concentration, and increases libido with better erections.

Why sould you pick Testogen?

Testogen is a natural testosterone booster approved by FDA which aids in the production of testosterone in your body. It increases free testosterone and decreases estrogen (the female hormone) from your body so that you can burn fat quickly and amass strong and lean muscles.

The excellent combination of the effective ingredients makes Testogen efficient.

Testogen ingredients

D-Aspartic Acid (2000 mg) – The most common ingredient which any good testosterone booster will have is D-Aspartic acid (DAA). Research shows that this amino acid alone can boost testosterone levels more than 40% with only 12 days of consumption. Testogen comes with the perfect dosage because low levels do not work and very high dosages might give headaches, sudden mood swings or increase acne.

Tribulus Terrestris (300 mg) – Cholesterol blocks the arteries stopping the blood flow resulting in heart attack. This herb controls high cholesterol and blood pressure providing improved cardiovascular health and increased libido with better blood circulation. Studies have found that high dosage of this herbal extract can boost testosterone levels.

Panax Ginseng (250 mg) – There are many ginseng types but Panax Ginseng (sometimes referred to as Korean Ginseng) is ideal for boosting testosterone levels, increasing libido and providing all round health benefits. It increases the nitric oxide level in the blood for better circulation in the
body which helps to increase energy levels, boost the production of free testosterone, endure physical stress, and have better penile erections.

Fenugreek Extract (200 mg) – Aromatase is an enzyme found in body fat lowers testosterone by stimulating the production of estrogen in a man’s body. This extract blocks this activity of aromatase and also helps to boost the production of testosterone for gaining muscle mass. The blood sugar
levels are also regulated so that it do not impact the testosterone levels in your body.

This extract burns fat quickly and also has many other health benefits like better cardiovascular health, improved concentration and increased libido.

Zinc (72 mg) – This is the most important mineral for muscle growth which helps you to maintain a masculine body with increased testosterone levels. It is a clinically proven aphrodisiac and testosterone booster. It also restricts the activity of aromatase and increases the sperm count.

Usually, zinc is not available in your daily food. The dosage of zinc in Testogen is on the higher side and so, it is better to skip zinc-rich food if you are taking this supplement because it might lead to zinc toxicity causing nausea and headaches.

Vitamin B6 (56 mg) – Though this vitamin does not promote the production of testosterone, it helps to maintain the testosterone levels in the body and restrict the production of estrogen.

Vitamin B2 (20 mg) – This vitamin is an antioxidant which increases the energy levels and stamina. The blood circulation also improves with this vitamin.

Vitamin B5 (12 mg) – Theories suggest that this vitamin also boosts the production of testosterone as it is involved in cholesterol synthesis in the testes. So, it is important to have this ingredient as well in your testosterone booster supplement.

Vitamin D3 (10 mcg) – This vitamin ensures better protein synthesis for growth of lean muscles and burning fat by increasing the production of testosterone. Also, it provides physical strength which makes your muscles strong. It also assists calcium absorption for maintaining stronger bones and healthy teeth. Though it is also available in the sun’s rays, it is important to be taken in as a supplement because lower levels of this vitamin are not helpful.

Selenium (45.2 mcg) – This mineral boosts the antioxidants helping you to remove toxicity from the body assisting the production of testosterone as toxicity hampers the production of hormones. Also, it helps to decrease weakness in the body and fatigue.

What are the benefits of increased level of testosterone?

Gain Lean Muscles – Testogen helps in better protein synthesis to gain more muscle mass by increasing the levels of testosterone in your body.

Improves Physical Strength – You will feel the increase in your physical strength by easily lifting heavier weights. The muscles you gain in size will also be strong.

Burns Excess Fat – Fat in your body is useful but excess fat is not. Though Testogen is not a pill to decrease obesity, it helps to burn extra fat with higher testosterone levels and have a great physique with proper workouts and diet.

Increases Strength of Bones – The high levels of testosterone increases the bone density strengthening your bones to support the newly gained muscles and physical strength.

Increases Energy Levels – Testogen will help to reduce fatigue from your daily activities making you feel energetic always.

Better Blood Circulation – The better oxygen-rich blood flow boosts your concentration, lower stress and increase the production of testosterone.

Achieve Quick Results – The high levels of free testosterone in your body will help you to achieve the benefits of working out at gym quickly.

Increases Libido – Higher the testosterone levels- higher will be the sex drive. You will also have better erection for great sexual performance.

Increases Potency in Men – As testosterone plays a significant role in the production of semen, the higher levels will increase the sperm count for better fertility.

Other Health Benefits – It helps to keep the blood sugar levels at check and improves cardiovascular health. Also, the better absorption of calcium in the body helps to maintain healthy teeth.

Side Effects

All the ingredients that constitute Testogen have no side effects. So, you can completely rely on Testogen to not adversely affect your health. However, increased levels of testosterone may increase anger, cause acne, or give you penile erections often.


Low testosterone levels will not only give you trouble to gain lean muscles but also cause obesity, lower energy levels, impotency, erectile dysfunction with decreased libido and other health related problems. With so many benefits, Testogen is arguably the best testosterone booster available
in the market.

It is ideal for men who are willing to build a good physique and is highly recommended for athletes, body-builders and men with low testosterone levels.
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