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SizeGenetics spare parts

You can buy a “16-way comfort upgrade” to your SizeGenetics penis extender, this is very handy if you have the value edition and want more comfort. You can also find all sorts of pads, straps, bars and extender arms.

buy sizegenetics spare parts heresizegenetics spare parts and accessories

MaleEdge spare parts

The MaleEdge extender comes in 3 different options (basic, extra and pro) and the main difference is the comfort accessories. This is where you are able to upgrade your comfort system if you got the basic/extra version or you just want more of it all.

You will be able to find every single part of the extender if it for some reason break or you lose it.

buy maleedge pro extra and basic spare parts

Get maleedge accessories and spare parts

X4 Labs extender spare parts

X4 Labs has a large selection of accessories and spare parts for their extender including extra strong springs, cases for your extender, comfort systems and much more.

You can replace every single part of the extender with a new one or buy extra parts if you want.

buy x4labs spare parts and accessories herex4 labs extender spare parts

Jes Extender spare parts

The Jes Extender is the original penis extender that most extenders are built around – All Jes Extender accessories and parts can be used on other penis extenders that as similar design (Andropenis, Vimax Extender, X4 labs Extender, Quick Extender Pro, SizeGenetics, and many more).

buy jes extender parts and accessories herejes extender spare parts and accessories can be bought here

Quick Extender Pro spare parts

Quick Extender Pro does offer their DSS (Double Strap System) as an upgrade kit and it’s a huge upgrade if you want that system (I recommend it). You can also buy parts and even a penis pump in their accessories and spare parts shop.

buy quickextender pro spare parts herequick extender pro accessories and spare parts

Phallosan Forte spare parts

The Phallosan Forte is by far the most unique extender and that’s why all their spare parts look nothing like the other parts.

buy phallosan forte spare partsphallosan forte accessories and spare parts

PeniMaster Pro spare parts

The Penimaster Pro is another unique design, but it’s built on the base of the standard extender and that’s why some of the accessories is the same as other extenders.

buy penimaster pro spare parts and accessoriespenimaster pro spare parts

Andropenis extender spare parts

Andropenis extender spare parts and accessories can be found on their websites shop in the bottom of the page HERE. You can also buy upgrade kits if you want a bigger version of your extender.

The parts fit on all their penis extenders and urological medical extenders:

  • Androextender
  • Andropenis Gold
  • Andropenis Gold Premium
  • Andropenis Mini
  • Andropeyrinie
  • Androsurgery

buy andropenis extender spare parts and accessories here

andropenis spare parts

Where you not able to find parts for the extender you have?

You are most likely able to use parts from the Jes Extender since it’s the “base design” for almost all penis extenders.

Not sure if it fit on your extender? I might know the answer, get in touch with me in the comment section below or use the contact form in the top.

Written by Austin

Austin Hanson

After finishing a master degree in Urology at the European University in St. Petersburg, Austin cofounded in 2015. The purpose of the website is to help men with a wide variety of sexual problems with a language that everybody understand. Austin is a dedicated writer and loves to get his hands dirty with product reviews and the latest urology news. Outside of work his an outdoors person who loves fishing and running, you can follow Austin on Twitter or LinkedIn if you can keep up with him!

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  1. julian


    I’m looking for tension spring for my size genetics where can I find it ? I assume they will all fit to the SG but I’m not sure.


  2. Jim wells

    I have the proextender systems and looking for more extension add on bars. Will other parts work from other systems? What one? Where can I buy them

    1. Austin St.

      You can buy the one from Jes Extender, that will fit your Pro Extender.
      Best regards,

  3. david

    im looking for a pumping device for my phhallosan forte

    1. Austin Hanson

      Hi David
      Just go to and click “Order here” in the bottom. The scroll all the way to the bottom again where it say “Do you need spare parts or accessoires?” and press the “Click here” and select the pumping device.
      Hope this helps you.
      Best regards,

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