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Penis exercises – The most natural way to enlarge your penis?


At some point in time in our lives, a lot of men have had their share of insecurities regarding the size of their penis unless of course, they were lucky enough to have been very well endowed. A lot of men often have had questions such as ”Is it big enough to please her?” hounding their minds now and then. These insecurities can drastically affect the confidence and lead to depression in a lot of cases

The average size and how to go beyond

The average Penis size according to researchers as per world’s standards is estimated at 5.1 inches. And anything less than 4.5 inches is considered to be small. Thus, a lot of men who are faced with this issue of being not so well endowed would want to know if there were any ways to increase the size of the penis naturally. If you are faced with such an issue, then this article is for you.

While there are hundreds of advertisements all over the internet that claim that their “magic pill” can increase the size of the penis by as much as 4-5 inches. But the truth is that almost all of them are nothing but a farce. But worry not, since there are indeed ways to increase the penis size, and that too naturally and this article will provide you a ton of helpful information regarding just that. This article will give you 6 highly efficient and natural ways in which you can increase the size of your penis.


1. The Penis Stretching Exercise

One highly effective tactic which can allow you to add some inches to your penis is some stretching exercises for your penis. While it does sound a bit funny, but it actually works. Stretching exercises for your penis involve the following steps.

  1. Firstly, grab the upper portion of the penis or the `head’ of the penis, also known as phallus firmly. Do not grip it too tightly so as to disrupt the normal circulation of blood in the penis.
  2. You then need to pull and stretch it outwards in front of you with just enough force to fell a painless stretch towards the shaft and base of your penis. Make sure you do not pull too hard as that can cause damage.
  3. Hold the penis in that position for around 20-25 seconds.
  4. Let it go and give it a rest for a minute and then repeat.

Doing this once every day for around 5-10 minutes will show results within a month.

2. Avoid Fatty Foods and live an active life

Consuming foods that are high in fats and calories (Junk food) while at the same time living a sedentary lifestyle can cause your penis to shrink significantly. Not only that, but this can also lead to serious fertility problems as well as a degradation of overall health. Lack of physical activity increases cholesterol in your arteries thus disrupting the proper circulation of blood in the penis leading its shrinkage. So making a few healthy lifestyle choices has been known to increase the size of the penis significantly.

3. The Thumb Stretch Method

This is another stretching exercise for the penis which has been known to yield good results in a lot of cases. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Get a grip of the tip of the penis with one hand not too tightly and neither too soft. Just hold it naturally and make sure you do not cut off normal blood supply to the penis.
  2. Using the thumb of the other hand, place the thumb on the base of the penis and pull it gently so as to feel a stretch towards the base.
  3. Just like the other method, hold it in this exact position for around 20 seconds.
  4. Take short break and repeat the entire process once again. Do this for 3-5 minutes a day.

4. The Klegs

Klegs is an exercise that is widely known to be beneficial for women’s health in a lot of ways. However, it is not so widely known that this exercise can also help you to make your penis appear larger by maintaining proper control over the erection.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. First, you need to identify and locate the position of your Pubococcygeus Muscle by a method of stopping your urine flow naturally.
  2. After you find this muscle, you need to start contracting it daily around 20-30 times.
  3. When you master this technique of contracting the Pubococcygeus muscle, you can go for more contractions every day.

After a good period of doing this, you will be able to control this muscle, and that will allow more blood to flow to your penis thus boosting the length and girth of your erection. This method is a bit hard but highly effective.

5. The Opposite Pull Method

The opposite pull exercise is a little weird and might sound a little scary, but it is just as effective as the other methods.

In order to do this method, the steps you need to follow are:

  1. Grip the tip of your flaccid phallus with the help of your right hand. Grip it naturally just as the other methods.
  2. Put the left hand towards the beginning of the base of the penis and then pull with both the hands in opposite directions lightly.
  3. Do not pull it too hard as that will be dangerous for the penis. Instead, a gentle pull will be just enough.
  4. You will feel a stretch between the base and the phallus while you do this. Do it for just 10 seconds and then give it a break.
  5. Repeat this technique for 5 minutes every day.

6. No Smoking

Smoking is the worst enemy of your total reproductive health. Not only is smoking proven to shrink penis size, but it can also lead to a decrease in testosterone causing a lot of other hormonal imbalances that can cause shrinkage of the penis. Minute particles from the smoking block the arteries thus damaging the healthy flow of blood to the penis as well as to all other parts of the body. Lower blood supply to the penis causes it to shrink, and your erection is also severely affected.

Want more penis exercises?

There are a number of penis exercise programs online that you can follow if you like, they does cost a bit of money.

The ones I recommend are:

PenisHealth is also included in the SizeGenetics system that you can read more about here and ErectionFitness comes with any order of VigRX Plus that are 4 months supply or more – read more here.

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