Myths and Facts about circumcision. Do women prefer cut or uncut?

Circumcised or uncircumcised? That’s one of the most raging topics out there today, and everyone has their own views and opinions about it. Although the rates of circumcision are declining sharply across America, the issue remains hotly debated. Many parents are questioning whether to go for that circumcision for their newborns or not. I will compare some of the advantages and disadvantages of circumcision. I will try to provide an answer to the age-old question if a cut or an uncut penis is more preferable.

We will also look into several myths about circumcision and try to debunk them and give you real hard facts. Another question that may arise in the minds of several young men is whether women prefer a circumcised or an uncircumcised penis. This article will look into that as well and give you some reliable information regarding the preferences of women.

Several research institutes and entertainment magazines have conducted many studies in which they interview women and men on their preferences, and that is where we get most of our information regarding the topic.

But first, let’s take a look at some of the Myths and Facts attached to circumcision.

Myths and Facts about Circumcision

The most common surgical procedure that is performed on newborn males in the United States is the surgery to make them circumcised. Although no medical society in the whole world recommends circumcision, there are still several misconceptions that there are health benefits to male circumcision. This invasive procedure is associated with several health risks which include infection, surgical mishap, hemorrhage and even death. There are also ethical considerations that one should keep in mind before going for the surgery for their newborns.

Although several people argue that a circumcised penis looks aesthetically pleasing and claim that a cut penis is more hygienic (which is very debatable), does that justify giving up on a ton of sexual pleasure and the unnecessary mutilation of a body part?

Myth 1: The surgical circumcision of a baby boy is a totally safe and harmless procedure

Fact: Surgical Removal of the foreskin is not only painful for the child, but it also creates some immediate health risks for the baby and even causes some serious complications. There is a chance of infection, scarring, hemorrhage, difficulty urinating and in very rare cases even death. These complications can occur in the best of clinical settings as well.

Myth 2: If I don’t circumcise my son, he will be ridiculed

Fact: With changing times, people’s perceptions and understandings of circumcision have also changed. Although the popularity of this surgery varies depending on the geographical areas, nearly half of the newborn babies today leave the hospital uncircumcised. Medically advanced nations mostly do not practice child circumcision. In fact, three-quarters of the men in the world are uncircumcised.

Myths 3: Circumcision of newborn boys has health benefits later in life

Fact: There is absolutely no link whatsoever between circumcision and better health. It’s quite the opposite actually as cutting the baby’s genitals create some immediate health risks. In fact, the foreskin is an important and highly functional part of the body that protects the head of the penis from injury and also provides moisture and lubrication. Circumcision also leads to a diminishing sexual pleasure later in life.

Myth 4: Circumcision of the penis helps prevent HIV

Fact: This is one of the most popular ones out there. But in truth, claims that circumcision prevents a man from HIV have been proven to be exaggerated and false many times. Only abstinence from sex or practicing safe sex which includes the use of condoms can help prevent the spread of all kinds of sexually transmitted diseases including HIV/AIDS.

Myth 5: Circumcision of baby boys is not comparable to Female Genital Mutilation

Fact: The rationales that are offered by the cultures that promote female genital mutilation are quite similar to the explanations provided in the cultures that support male circumcision. These include claims about hygiene, prevention from diseases, improved genital appearance, and social acceptance. Regardless of the rationale, forcing the removal of healthy genital tissue from the body of any child whether it be a male or a female is straight up unethical. Boys have the same right to have an intact body just like girls do and thus to be spared from the inhumane and unnecessary surgery.

Do women prefer a cut or uncut penis?

Now that we have answered some of the very common myths about circumcision and provided facts, we can now get to the question which a lot of youngsters have in their minds. A lot of the men are confused whether it is a circumcised or an uncircumcised penis that women prefer. Well, the answer to that is it depends on the individual. Different people have various aspects or preferences that they look for in a sexual partner, and this is similar. Although it is VERY unlikely that women will reject a man just for being uncut or otherwise.

It often happens that women develop a preference for uncut penises or circumcised ones depending on what they have been exposed to in a majority of the cases. This is true especially in the United States as a lot of the men are circumcised there and thus a majority of the women there have only been familiar with a circumcised penis, which they consider to be the norm. This is not true once you leave the country as majority of the male populations of Europe and Asia as well as other continents have uncut penises and the women in these countries have no such preferences.

So, what’s the word?

Regardless of the geographical boundaries, there are mixed responses from women on what they prefer. But an overwhelming majority of the women all agree that whether a man is cut or uncut does not matter much to them, and they are comfortable with both. So, you don’t need to worry much about you penis being uncut, and if you’re considering going under the scissors, it is highly suggested to give it another thought as the complications associated with circumcision are not worth it.

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