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Shape And Appearance of Your Penis Really Matters

does penis size really matterNot every women likes a big penis, there are some who prefer just the average sized Joe. Reason? yes it is TRUE that a bigger penis will make a women high with pleasure, but sometimes an overly sized organ will cause them pain, therefore ruining the enjoyment of sex.

But it’s not always size that causes displeasure, most of the time the REAL problem is within the man’s performance on the bed. Some just wants to reach orgasm as fast as possible, not caring if their partner isn’t even halfway to reaching climax.

A bigger head or a bigger body of the penis?

A topic often overlooked is the appearance of your penis, some people might say that it’s better to have a bigger head, because they claim that it LOOKS good or “cool” and what not. In truth, having a bigger head than the base would make you the “guy with a mushroom for a penis”. NOT gonna help your confidence, we know.

Most women would rather have a man with a bigger penile base, reason? you do know something about the clitoris right? it being the females most sensitive organ and IT, being very good at hiding.

This poses a huge problem for men with a big penile head but has small body, because the clitoris is located on the upper part of the female organ. Making it hard to establish contact between them.

So the only time that the penis would be able to “brush” the clitoris is upon insertion, after that it would be very difficult to touch the clitoris while the penis is inside the vagina.

For men that have a bigger penile body, brushing the clitoris isn’t hard, while the tip of the penis is inside the vagina, the large base would be able to touch the clitoris. This friction will cause the woman to experience extreme pleasure and having an orgasm will be sooner than you think, did I say an orgasm? what I meant was MULTIPLE orgasms.

There are several options you can choose from if you want a larger penis, I recommend penis pumps since they will make your penis thicker, you can see some pumps here.

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