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According to a recent article on Rewire, most men are always worried about the size of their penis. A majority of men do not only want to know how big their penis are, but they also want to know how their penis compares to the guy next door, or how big is big enough. The first question can be easily answered by simply taking a ruler while the third question is highly subjective. With that being said, scientists have now confirmed that they have a definitive answer to the first question, how one’s penis compares to that of others.

The world penis size research

In the most recent issue of BJU International, a journal by the British Association of Urological surgeons, a study has been released which compiles the data of an estimated 15, 521 men throughout the world. The data collected was used to create an ultimate graph on the average penis size around the world. The researchers involved in the study did not measure the penis sizes themselves, but instead used the existing data and studies on this topic. Studies which were used in this research were included only if they had 50 participants or more, if all the participants were over 17 years of age and if the measurements were conducted by certified health professionals.

Studies which had asked men to measure their own penis were omitted as well as the studies which included men who had various disorders such as congenital disorders, erectile dysfunction and acquired penile abnormalities. According to their findings, the average flaccid penis is 3.61 inches long and 3.66 inches in circumference. When erect, the penis is 5.16 inches in length and 4.69 inches in circumference. It is important to note that this figures are average sizes, thus there are a wide range of penis sizes. The data acquired were plotted on a graph (nomograph) which indicates what percentile each of the measurements falls into.

The research team said they took on this research so as to assist men and health care providers. Gordon Muir, one of the researchers who works as a urological surgeon at Kings College Hospital spoke to Huffingtost via email. Gordon said that the team wanted to assist men together with their physicians with a rather definitive paper because there are so many contradictory reports from either smaller or poor quality research studies. A majority of men are living lives in shame or misery or undergoing, harmful or unproven intercessions, due to a belief that they might be facing some abnormalities.

Despite many people being optimistic about the research, Muir and his team are still skeptical as to whether the research will assist men or hurt them in the long run. The team worries that, even if men understand the methodologies used in calculating the averages, those who may fall behind the averages will either feel defective or inadequate. Furthermore, the researchers went ahead to point out the fact that comparing ones attributes to that of others is a double edged sword.

No correlation between penis size and other body parts

Apart from finding the average penis size, the research found that there was no correlation between one’s penis size and characteristics like finger length, height, race testicular volume or body mass index. However, the researchers also acknowledged the fact that their result could be somewhat skewed because there is a possibility that the men who had volunteered for the research might have been a little bit more confident about their penis sizes than the general population. All in all, the information collected during the study might be used to reassure men who may be worried about the size of their penis.

There are also other studies which were conducted to find the average penis size throughout the world. One such study was conducted to find out which country has the smallest and biggest penis sizes. According to the Lad Bible, men in North Korea have the smallest average penis sizes on the planet. India and Thailand followed closely with an average size of 4 inches. The United States of America has an average penis size of 5.5 inches which is still not that impressive. Meanwhile, countries such as the United Kingdom, Spain, Turkey, Ukraine and Canada have a rather respectable penis size of 6 inches. Topping the list is the Democratic Republic of Congo with the average penis size falling just below the 7.2 inch mark!

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