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Does Size ‘Really’ Matter?

does size really matterWhen it comes to a man’s ‘equipment’, many are more than willing to put in a good word for themselves – even ‘stretching’ the truth at times. The following is an article from our resident female staffer who weighs in on the size issue – once and for all.

This certain aspect of a male’s physche is held with a high level of regard and pride, not only among other men but sometimes with the female population as well. Men with a larger size may boast that they are better able to fulfill a woman’s desires in the bedroom and then lay claim to bragging rights over their friends.

And so it is those who feel they have something that could be – shall we say – less than desirable in that department, turn to male enhancement remedies. With everything from a pill to pop, a device to strap on, to exercises that are sure to make the a Casanova under the sheets, men looking into male enhancement do so with the hopes that they can fulfill the fantasies of the fairer sex.

But when it comes to ‘down there’ does their size really matter?


In the locker room men may compare openly, and those with a larger size may choose to strut their stuff while those a bit shier may shirk away and even be embarrassed. It is no surprise that among males it seems one measure of the man is the size of his ‘little’ man.

But when it comes to women, should a male who is lacking turn to male enhancement tactics to impress her or keep her more fully satisfied?

Males may be surprised to find out that in multiple studies, researchers in the UK found that according to women size is not the major issue. In fact many men don’t even really know what a ‘normal size’ truly is and many who are seeking male enhancement remedies fall well within the normal range.

And normal even varies between countries and regions as well. Insecurities about one’s manhood and interest in male enhancement is often spurred on in a man’s formative years from comparisons among their peers, and just as some women may feel insecure about her breast size men seem to have fallen into a sort of parallel conundrum.

So if the size of a man’s penis isn’t an issue with the majority of women, and it can still offer her the same level of pleasure and function just as well, why are so many still hung up with male enhancement?

Could it be that the males of the species are drawing on their more shallow tendencies to gravitate toward larger busted women and then simply assume that women in turn do the same to them? Or are they just as preoccupied with impressing ladies as other males?

It seems as though that in regardless to a male’s actual size, how he perceives it is integral in his level of confidence. That in turn effects his efforts in the bedroom, and if it takes male enhancement measures to boost his self esteem any subsequent hotter passions may be due not only to the actual size of his member but his mental state.

Austin Hanson

After finishing a master degree in Urology at the European University in St. Petersburg, Austin cofounded in 2015. The purpose of the website is to help men with a wide variety of sexual problems with a language that everybody understand. Austin is a dedicated writer and loves to get his hands dirty with product reviews and the latest urology news. Outside of work his an outdoors person who loves fishing and running, you can follow Austin on Twitter or LinkedIn if you can keep up with him!

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