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Think your penis isn’t big enough?

Here’s why you shouldn’t fixate on size:


A question that men have been asking since the beginning of time is whether their penis is big enough or not. While there isn’t any “Yes” or “No” answer to this question, various studies have indeed proved that size does matter but not in the way how many men perceive it to be. While many men carry themselves with pride because of the size of their junk but is it true that larger size correlates to better sexual satisfaction than a smaller counterpart? The answer, in a plain and simple word, is NO!

never focus on penis size

Scientific study on penis size and sexual satisfaction

Penis length is something the menfolk have fretted over since time is eternal, but in reality, most women do not care. In fact, our ladies are more inclined towards the shape of the penis and its overall attractiveness taking into consideration the skin in the pubic area and appearance of pubic hair. The skin surrounding the genital area and girth of the penis are also important factors according to the opinion of few women who took part in the poll.

Gregory Brown and Mitchell Moffit of ASAPScience videos decided to end the penis size debate once and for all by using various statistical data, history, and evolutionary patterns. Taking evolutionary history in consideration, it was found that women most likely developed an interest in the shape of a penis and size similar to how a female peacock would choose a male having stunning feathers. Since we’re talking about shape and size, where does the penile length come in?

Scientifically speaking, the length of one’s penis may play a crucial role in sexual intercourse when releasing sperm inside of the vagina. The deeper the penis is able to penetrate; the better would be the semen displacement ensuring that the gene of the male gets passed on. In 2012, the study found that some women experience more vaginal orgasms when having intercourse, which suggests that longer size can stimulate the cervix.

Is bigger always better?

In 2013, a study was conducted where women were asked to rate male attractiveness based on generated images of different body types and their penis size. Most of the women said that dollar and fitter men were much more desirable than those packing serious length down there. Surprisingly, it was also found that the flaccid penis too plays a role in the perceived attractiveness of men. Female participants’ attraction towards the males diminished drastically when viewing flaccid penises larger than 7.5 cm.

So, in conclusion, it can be said that women find penis more attractive when it is in proportion to the male body. ASAPScience says that “the person attached to the penis makes a difference.” An enjoyable personality, confidence, sense of humor, and charm are all excellent predictors of sexual gratification and mean much more than disproportionate penis size. So, if you are worried that you may be less than well endowed, relax because you still have a lot of chance to make it up with your personality.

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Setting your expectations right

Most often, the only reason men feel that they lack in size is that they have set their expectations way too high. What is to blame for this? Well, pornography has been able to convince many successfully that it is not fiction but real life. Just because large penises are the standard in porn films do not mean the same should be in real life.

However, expectations were both ways because women also develop wrong expectations for various reasons. Let’s do a quick case study of the leading cases of over expectation in both males and females.

Men: Pornographic material can be a great tool for education and discourse, but only if used correctly (avoid porno addiction). But pornographic content is the absolute worst when someone uses it to set the tone of how our bodies should look like. Even though there is nothing wrong with women who are skinny and have breast implants, they tend to portray that body image as a unilateral norm.

Because porn often plays on our desire for exaggeration and spectacle, porn films always have a way of making size as a fantasy, a highly irritating singular one. Fantasies are great, and this should exist in real life. But the people engaging in fantasies should also be mature enough to realize that it is far from reality.

Women: As far as expectations formed by women are concerned, there are lots and lots of individuals who believe that intercourse is much likely to be better with a person with a massive penis than those who are average or on the smaller end. This is entirely false because the penis is just a tool playing a role in the overall sexual experience and not the sole determinant of satisfaction.

Clear and honest communication, willingness to try out new things in the bedroom, mutual love and affection, respect for boundaries, all come into play when you’re talking about the sexual experience. Women prefer to indulge in foreplay more than men, and this is where individuals with smaller size penises can truly focus on complete satisfaction of their partner.

Problems of having a big penis

Men may like to bring up the size of their members in their discussions with other people, but most of them fail to realize how excruciatingly painful it is for many women to have sex with them. A giant phallus may be a great ride for a complete ego trip for males, but it is also hard to find partners who will be able to handle their equipment. It doesn’t matter if a female has had sex with lots of partners in the past unless she’s used to having intercourse with a man having an enormous sized penis, the chances are that it will hurt a lot.

In conclusion, it can be said that penis size does matter but men who tend to focus too much on it end up sabotaging other aspects of sexual pleasure that they may be naturally good at. So, stop fixating on the size and work on developing your self-esteem and establish proper communication for mutual pleasure.

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