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“How big is too big?” – here’s what women think about penis size


By now almost everyone can agree that the size of the penis does matter; but does that mean bigger is necessarily better? According to many surveys conducted around the world, many women said that they are afraid of penises that are too big as they have the chance to hit their cervix. The painful experience does not only stop at the woman crying or moaning in pain, but also the man who is above 8 inches feel horrible about himself because they hurt someone they care for. So the thought “how big is too big” is a valid one, which is on the minds of men and women alike.


What’s the perfect size?

If you’re a man and self-conscious about the size of your penis, then you probably know that “too small” does exist. There may be women who may say that they are satisfied with penises on the lower end, but that might not be the sole truth. Generally, anything smaller than 4.5 inches can be considered as too small for the majority of women’s preferences.

The vagina of the average woman is around 4 inches deep, which may extend up to 5 inches in some cases. The figure and height of women also determine their vaginal depth. According to women, they prefer a man that can “fill her up” and still leave a space inside of her.

So, the definitive answer is that most women prefer a man who is between 5 and 7.5 inches long. But here’s the fun part- most women also say that size isn’t the crucial factor that comes into play in having a satisfactory sex life. Anything under 5 inches may be too small for women who are of average depth while a penis that is more than 8 inches will be too big. While the average size of the male penis ranges between 5 and 6.5 inches in length, based on ethnicity, the global average can be considered as 5.75 inches.

Ethnicity and the average size

According to a comprehensive survey, it was found that the scale of the penis is only a half inch apart by race. The average size of an Asian person (including India) is 5 inches, Europeans or white population have an average of 5.5 inches, South Americans or Hispanics have 6 inches, and Blacks or Africans have an average length of 6.5 inches. As you can see the difference is only half inch apart. Also, contrary to the popular belief, height, weight, and size of feet has nothing to do with the penis size.

The 6’3″ person, who weighs 250 lbs can be 4.5 inches large while a 5’6″ man weighing 140 pounds could be carrying an 8 inches penis inside of their pants. Flaccid size also varies widely, and there is no way to tell how big a man’s penis would be by just taking a look at the flaccid size.

The girth factor

Many men tend to forget that more than length, the girth is a big factor. The girth a.k.a. Circumference is used to denote the thickness of a penis and it plays a much more valuable role than the length, according to many women. The standard respectable girth is 5 inches; 6 inches of girth is modest among women as 7 to 8 inches in length is two males. However, if the girth is more than 6.5 inches, it may become difficult for most women to handle. 5.5 to 6 inches is what is loved by women, and anything beyond that is asking for trouble.

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So now you know that 7.5 inches are the ideal length while 6 inches is the perfect girth. If you talk to most women and ask about their opinion about the perfect size, most of them will tell you that it really doesn’t matter. But the fact is that most women who haven’t been with a lot of partners, wouldn’t know much about the most satisfying size.

If you are worried about being too small for satisfaction, the chances are that you’ve raised the standards too high by watching porn where all the male actors are over 8 to 9 inches in length. Sure, you might also be smaller than average, but there is hardly any reason to worry because you can always do certain exercises and take supplements to grow the length and girth of your penis. So, do not worry because there’s more to sex than just size.
Written by Austin

Austin Hanson

After finishing a master degree in Urology at the European University in St. Petersburg, Austin cofounded in 2015. The purpose of the website is to help men with a wide variety of sexual problems with a language that everybody understand. Austin is a dedicated writer and loves to get his hands dirty with product reviews and the latest urology news. Outside of work his an outdoors person who loves fishing and running, you can follow Austin on Twitter or LinkedIn if you can keep up with him!

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  1. Jonny

    So tonight me and my girl friend were haveing sex and she shot off of me like a rocket she got instant pain and I’ve never been all the way in her and still wasn’t I’m about 3-4 inches past a glade air freshener can (10inches) and about 6.5-7 inches in girth she started bleeding and it worrys me am I to big? It’s all natural and no additives or pumps it’s what I was Born with but I’m scared I hurt her to badly

    1. Lightning

      When I was age 8-12 my dick in a erection was about 2.7inches and girth was about 3 inches, I was really sad :C about my dick size back then. Intel I released there was specific exercises you could do with your dick to increase your size :). One day when I was jacking of to a girl/(penis exercising using the OK sign method) I would have liked to be my GF during middle school in the hot bathtub I had intense emotion’s had my eyes closed imagining her and wouldn’t you believe it my dick grew further from 2.7inches to 4inches and girth went from 3inches to 4.7inches. After a hour of jacking off lol and from age 13-18 my dick remained the same. Recently I’ve been using within the last two years supplements to increase my dick size and pump to increase girth size. Current stat 6.3inches in length and about 6.3inches of girth thanks to the pump and cream/gel ,with pills as well as my age is 20. Currently I’m still working to get my dick bigger. My Ideal size would be 8/8.2inches in length and 6.5inches girth and I will not stop till I reach that size. So one day when I go with a girl not that I haven’t ,when she pills down my pants she will say wow that a big cock. I mean all the girls I’ve been with were not dissatisfied in sex and made theme orgasm trust me you know when a girl orgasm’s when they squirt from your dick. They where all satisfied with what I bring ,but only one girl complemented my cock on how big it is out of I don’t know 10 girls I’ve been with. I want every girl I go out with say I have a huge cock 🙂 it will make me smile. Especially when they pill down you cock and if your cock is big it will smack there face while it’s still flaccid. I have yet to do that your dick needs to be 8 inches to be able to do that I believe. Would like to hear/read your though on the comments :).

      1. Desmond eric

        hey,i know how you feel.they say the size doesnt matter and its about how you use the size uve been given but ill always believe guys with bigger need to do less than us. Im African and were expected to have the biggest dicks which isnt true..i know guys with 6.2 and theyr big,im personnally 7.0 and had sex with a girl that said her ex was bigger,id never doubted myself until that one in short i also wanna get bigger and thicker

        1. tomjones

          A thicker and longer penis has it limits for most women. A seven inch in length and six inches in girth seems to be preferred by most women looking for a larger penis size. Greater than those sizes cause pain to them.

      2. Unidentified

        6.3 inches of girth dude did u get stung by a bee down there, or do you just not know what girth is THATS like, unhealthy, it must look like a Clorox container but a little shorter, lamo

    2. R P

      I call bullshit! First…if you were that big, you would’ve measured it. Second…its odd how you know the length of a glade can but not your dick. Third…look up Jonah Falcone, the largest recorded penis. You are the same size

  2. James

    The average pornstar is actually 6-7.5 Very few are above 8. Google this for proof.

    1. Gregory

      I agree! I have about 5.8 inches in circumference and usually 7.5 inch length (unless I am really horny which brings me around 8 inches). I guess genetics were in my favor. I don’t want anything over 6 inches in girth or 8 inches in length because, at that point, all anal and most vaginal sex is out of the question. (Unless the girl is freaking cow!) I am quite troubled over the casual use of such large numbers on this page too. Do you want a penis that is too large for sex? Isn’t that what a penis is all about? It seems many people don’t know what a real 6 inches in girth or a real 7.5-8 inches looks like. I am average height and have medium hands, and I even cannot touch my index finger to thumb when I wrap them around my penis. Imagine what a girl with 2.5-3 inch hands would think of it! Porn does an excellent job of fucking our minds. Also, the grammar here is atrocious. I know there are probably many young trolls here, but seriously, please at least run your comments through some spell-checker.

  3. Unidentified

    Hi. I will not reveal my name for personal reasons, but I tend to have a liking for thicker/curvier women. One of the positions I want to try most with a woman of that physique is called “jockey position” (or “prone bone”). I had only average length of 5.5 to 6 inches when fully erect, and I was concerned that that wouldn’t be enough to get past her round butt and thick thighs. So I recently started doing stretching exercises to increase my erection length. I’ve only been doing it for a few days and I’ve gotten slightly longer already. I seem to be growing pretty fast and I like the way it looks, but on the other hand, I’m also concerned that I might get too big to the point where I would hurt any woman in sex (even if she had a bigger build). With my stretching exercises, I’m probably going to stop growing when I reach 6.5-7 inches in length, because I don’t want to get too big to the point where I would hurt my woman (I also want to get more inside of her without hurting the cervix). As I increase in length, I kinda feel that bigger or taller girls are my only hope as both of them often have deeper vaginas (and a bigger girl would surely have enough to let me get my extra length in while at the same time having some cushion to restrain me from hitting the cervix and causing pain) and I feel I am WAY too big for slenderer and/or more petite girls. I’ve never had sex before and I don’t intend to until marriage, for personal/spiritual reasons, but I really need some guidance on this. Would 6.5-7 inches of length be too much for a thick, curvy woman, or even a tall girl with a middle of the road, average build? Please let me know.

    1. Scottie Eason

      I was ASKING about mine I didn’t no that people had dicks so small now im embarrassed I was ASKING why my wife couldn’t take it all after 11 year’s I’ve NEVER had a w9man that could take it all the start with oh and I’m 50 year’s old and my DICK is great big huge but I’m sure that it’s not the biggest but I am sure it’s not the smallest 8was blessed 8n that spot So it is 8″ WHEN SOFT & 171/2″ WHENHARD AND it is aggravating at times she can’t TAKE it doggie Style laying on her back she’s got to lay on her side on the bed & then she take most of it but she’s got too have a break BEFORE I’m DONE can’t make her believe every time I stop it takes that much longer it’s like starting all again I tell her sometimes I’m gonna go lay you down on your back and put your feet behind her head and she says no the hell you’re not then she says you’re not going to kill me I just be picking at her I’m not had any complaints and Lord when i get a blow job about 6 or 7″ is all she will such on but she got som3 of the best thay is out thair and no I do not cheat I stick with one woman if I’m with her I’m with her if I ain’t I ain’t ain’t no in between

  4. Mark

    Im 14 with an 7.5 you know what will i stop growng?

    1. jorge

      it will NEVER stop growing…

    2. homelice

      Haha! Dude… first things first!

    3. Nihha

      Stop lying bitxh

    4. Stanley Wellington

      Not to worry, let it keep growing.

    5. Jack

      Turn the ruler around. You’re using the metric side.

  5. Lee

    I have a solid 9 incher w tremendous girth…if i go all the way in i still have inches to spare. Every girl i was ever with (100’s) loves the size of my penis and talks about it regularly. The girls like bbd!

    1. Rick Morrison

      You sure you’re not 16 inches?? If I we you I’d go back and re measure lmao

    2. Sam Smith

      I would be your personal slut

  6. uche

    my penis length is 8.2 and girth is 7.1 is it good or bad please answer.

    1. Listenup

      For someone with experience, this may be good as you do not hurt your partner. Good Luck. -Me;p

    2. James Wean

      Perfect size… I’m only 7.2 inches and get my women off with ease!
      Anything less than 5.5 inches is unsatisfying for a woman!
      Congrats… Enjoy good sex!

    3. Stanley Wellington

      That’s a good size. Be proud.
      I love showing off Mine too!

    4. Sam Smith

      I would be a slut for that

  7. Shasha

    I have 4.5 inches in erect length and 4 inches in girth. No girls gets serious for ever and the only one who did cheated on me. Since then I am single and have been using pumps but no change as of yet. Hence I believe guys like must remain single and fuck girls for our satisfaction coz as it is we are never going to be able to satisfy them.

    1. homelice

      find a tiny asian girl.


        ^ This is the best advice in this entire thread. Find a girl that fits you and you both satisfy each other. Everyone who says they have 7,8,9+ inch dicks in this thread are lying. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM.

  8. Deuce

    I have 6.5 in length and about 4 in girth my lady is a freak and loves to fuck. But in my experience as long as its rock hard this love that more then anything. Now I have only been with about 23 woman my whole life at 33 yrs of age but my advice is find that one lady u have emotion connection with because no matter the size of your penis the sex will be amazing an number 2 an most important don’t be a selfish lover always make sure u get her there with your penis or mouth. U do this and I promise u will never lose your woman. I mean I myself want another 2 inches what man dont. But remember please her every time and u will have no worries

  9. reall tiny

    Hi all
    i have a really thin 3.2 inch penis. Every girl ive ever had sex with hates the smallness of it and refuse to repeat sex with me ever. i am now with a girl who likes me but refuses to have sex with me as im tiny. she doenst feel it. she does have sex with some other men quite often as well. i feel redundant but she says she likes me anyway regardless of my tiny thing. i am wondering if any other men with tiny penis are in relationships with no sex because of their tiny penis

  10. Sur

    I’m 37 years old Indian guy and I’ve never had a gf. All my sexual experiences have been from paid sex. Majority of them told me that my dick is good for blowjobs and anal; useless for sex. My dick is 4 inches erect and 3.5 inches girth. What makes things worse is that I have severe premature ejaculation and only last about 30 seconds. My doctor told me I caused this by too much masturbating when I was young and this condition my dick to cum extremely fast. There’s no cure for this and have been told to give up finding a gf because I’ll be dumped.

    1. stephen

      4 inches is totally normal. Any woman who takes such an obnoxious attitude towards a 4 inch penis is the one with the problem, not you.

  11. NoYoureNot ThatBig

    Most of the guys commenting on this post must have never read the accurate scientific studies done on penis length for the majority of men in the world.
    There is only about 18% of men with penis length of over 8 inches and after that, the percentages get drastically lower. The amount of men with penis size over 10 inches is less than around 4% of the population…
    It’s the same ratios when it comes to girth averages as well….
    Yet almost all of the men commenting on here are talking about how they have this 10″+ Pringles can girth of a hog wrapped up in their pants, and I even saw one guy claiming his “giant snake” has gotten him laid by hundreds of different women.
    I just have to laugh at the pathetic and obviously delusional comments of some of you. Does lying to total strangers on the internet actually raise your self esteem?
    Are you that addicted to porn that you’ve convinced yourself most guys have dicks the size of John Holmes?
    My guess is that your actually trying to convince yourself that your dick is a monster by getting online and anonymously posting about your giant meat is so big, to make up for the fact that you’re actually embarrassed about your inadequate size and the fact that women usually laugh at you once they see you pull it out.
    9/10 when someone’s packing some major heat, they usually don’t go around bragging to every one they can about how big it is.
    And the scientific studies done alone can accurately prove that most of you are lying sacks of shit.

    1. John

      A big dick can get to you Laid by multiple women, but most men don’t have a big dick. It’s just what people see on internet that makes people feel big dicks aren’t rare

  12. FlickJagger

    I’m 6″ in girth (mid shaft, not just at the base), and sex typically requires some lube and foreplay for all women. Women who have had kids can handle it better, but many women struggle with it. They ultimately enjoy it, but they have to work their way up to it. 5.5″ in girth is probably the ideal size. Also 6″ers can forget about anal sex, unless the girl absolutely craves it, or is into being dominated. Even still it requires a lot of care and trust to pull off.

  13. Anonymous

    I’m 7 and 3/8 long 6.5 around… Was wondering is this a good size for most woman… I’ve only been with 8 woman in my whole life… I’ve actually had complaints of pain out of 7 of them… Is this normal because I thought you had to have a whopper to cause pain?

  14. Omg

    Man half of these people are lying

    1. Desmond eric

      more than half

  15. Listenup

    Guys! Chill…As a female myself, I will be honest with you. If you are looking for your pleasure and hers then its better to used foreplay. This will get your partner to want you more no matter the size. If you are small, this is most important!!! Best regards for the small people. -Me Now, for the large people, you need to talk to your partner before you hurt him or her. Let them know that you are large and they also need to be clear with you as of when you have given all they can take. Best regards for the large people. -Me

  16. Someone

    I’m still a teen and my dick is 4 1/2 inch’s soft and 6 1/2 hard I’ve stayed this size about 1 year

    1. James Wean

      Didn’t stop growing till I hit 22…
      Final length of nearly 8.5 inches…
      Chicks dig my huge cock

      1. Sam Smith

        I’ll sign up for that meat

  17. This 1 girl

    From a woman’s perspective: I prefer 5.5 – 6.5 inches, not sure about the girth (not too big) I am on the thin side but even after 2 children anything bigger than a 7 hurts too much to enjoy. BUT keep in mind, I have friends that prefer 7 – 8. I think the important thing to remember is that there are different dick sizes and there are different pussy sizes.


    My husband has 4 inches. He always told me that was bigger than most…Thank goodness for the internet…I thought something was wrong with me cause I couldn’t feel anything , except the dribbled cum on my legs, Patrica

  19. James Wean

    I do exercises to maintain a larger erection
    I am blessed with a 7.6 inch rod when hard
    and 6.5 inches in girth!
    But as I age, 55 now, I must exercise it more to make sure my erections are rock hard…
    I mostly have sex with 22 to 35 year old girls…
    And they all love what I’m packing!
    Sex can still be great in your 50’s!

  20. small 9.5

    all the dudes at camp had abigger d then me ans i was 9.5″ at the time so more then average are more then 10 inch

  21. Yceee

    Thunder strike those that are ly about their sick size Haaaa this atomic bomb lie is too much

  22. Joe

    I won’t lie I am 6.5 long 6.5 around it is not huge but have no complaints.i only pike my circumfe

  23. Fizzgig

    My bf has a big fat 9″ cock and he likes to dig. It hurts me so much. But he doesn’t care. But as much as it hurts.. I’d rather it hurt than to fuck with a 4 inch bitch that I can’t even feel. I don’t have time for that.

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