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The Facts about Pumping vs. Stretching

The number one thing that comes to most people’s heads when they hear the words “penis enlargement” is a penis pump. It’s become such a mainstream idea that it is the punch line in many comedies. So, it stands to reason that if it is the best known method it should give the best results- right?

Let’s put the penis pump up, head-to-head, against the penis stretcher and see who comes out the victor.

The Pump

The idea behind the penis pump is fairly simple.

You place an enclosure over your penis and then, using a pump, you remove the air from the tube causing suction. This vacuum of air has less pressure than your tissue, so when you are pumping- yes, your penis will grow to tremendous proportions; a result. However, once you take off the pump, that result is gone.

Think about it, if their claim was true then every child who ever sucked their thumb would have to wear very different gloves. Not to mention, pumps can cause damage. Pumping too fast, too much or for too long; you can actually tear tissue and burst blood vessels which can cause permanent damage. This is the opposite of what you are trying to do, enhance your penis.

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The Penis Extender

A penis extender works in a completely different way than the pump. It is essentially a traction device; it adds constant light tension on your penis whenever it is worn. This tension causes tiny tears in the tissue your penis, which you will never feel. These tears send a message to the brain that repairs are needed; new cells are grown to replace the damage and you have additional tissue. This is replicated over and over, adding size to your penis. Proper use can also straighten a curved penis as well. It is true that the pump shows results immediately, while the stretcher will takes weeks to see a visible result. However, while the results from the pump are gone within 30 minutes, the effects of the stretcher are permanent.

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penis stretcher vs penis pumps

The Winner

Pumps are great for quick and instant results, but for permanent increases there is no contest. If the enlargement from the pump goes away in a very short time, then what is the point? You have risked damage to your penis for absolutely nothing. The penis extender wins every time for penis enhancement.

Pumps can be a fun toy in the bedroom, but that is all they are. You can’t expect what is essentially a sex toy to be medically effective. You have to look at how the methods work, and why they work.

Once you understand the science behind tissue growth, you will see that penis stretching is the only effective way to permanently increase the size of your penis.


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