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Are Big Feet = A large Penis?

Are big feet equal to a large penis

Is there really truth to the saying ‘big feet are equal to a big   penis? Can your body shape really dictate what will be the potential size of your penis?

According to most studies, the height of a man does have big direct role to his penis size. The equation in general is the taller the man is, the larger his penis. It’s not a rocket science because it simply means that the height of a man correlates to every part of his body not with standing there are other factors that contributes to the size including genetics, environment and the presence of endocrine disruptors.

In a studies of 3,300 young Italian men it was found out the taller the men, the larger the penis dimension is (girth and length).

But what if I’m not tall? Do I still have the chance to have an endowed penis?

Before you stopped reading this post, let me assure you just because you are on the short side doesn’t necessarily mean your penis is small. Take it from my personal experience.

Nonetheless, if you’re not comfortable or not satisfied with your penis size in any way, there are actually practical number of ways to increase the size of your manhood, overpower your genetics and achieve the size that will satisfy you and your partner without spending a fortune.

5 Methods That Can Help You To Unveil Hidden Inches and Improve The Size of Your Penis

  1. Trim or shave your pubic hair – this technique alone can instantly add 2cm to the appearance of your penis. What’s more, it is completely inexpensive, all you need is a pair of scissors and some shaving cream.
  2. Keep your belly flat– Make sure the height of your stomach when lying down is not taller than your penis. A big stomach can hide your penis from view so stay in shape or simply mean, watch your weight!
  3. Penis exercises– There are two groups of penis exercises. These are Kegel – which strengthens your pelvic muscles and gives you more power and the other one is called Jelging which is the most helpful penis exercises when it comes to improving the size. Jelging is composed of 34 eight-minute exercises intended to stretch your penis. One good example of exercises involves pulling your penis away from your body and stimulate the part of your penis which remains inside your body to expand out. This can add an inch to your penis!
  4. Penis extenders– nothing beats penis extenders when it comes to more believable gain. Excellent ones don’t have to be expensive. How does it work: Penix extenders involve applying traction to the corpora cavernosa in your penis, this causes cells to break away from the walls and replicate. As these new cells grow and increase in numbers in your penis, this enables your penis to hold more blood; achieve harder erections for longer; reduce premature ejaculation and penile curvatures and most importantly adds inches to your penis. In one such study done recently of 18 participants, after wearing a penis extender for 4-8 hours a day over 6 months, they all experienced average gains of 1.9cm flaccid and 2.8cm erect which remained months after they stopped using the device.
    Check out my list of the best penis extenders here.

So don’t worry too much in letting your height and genetics dictate your size and take back control of your body today. Are big feet equal to big penis? Not necessarily, if you know to apply the methods I’ve just mentioned here.  With the right technique you can achieve the penis size you want!


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  1. Jessica

    Shoe size doesn’t really mean anythin. My bf has a 9 size foot. He 5’7. 11 Inch penis very thick slim guy. I thought it was tru till I met him. He is huge!!!

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