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FAQs About Penis Extenders

penis extender faq

  1. Will I really get results from a penis extender?
    A.Absolutely. Penis stretchers are the only proven method for permanent male enhancement. Clinical studies have backed up all of the promises of penis stretching, you can even read the published report here.
  2. Is this a quick and easy fix?
    A.No, it is not quick. Using a penis extender is a commitment. You will be wearing it for several hours a day, and for several months. However, it is easy in that all you have to do is wear the device. Real results take time.
  3. How do I start with penis enlargement?
    A.The first start is choosing a quality device, going cheap will not give you the success you are going after. Try looking at manufacturers like SizeGenetics, tested and proven products from trusted manufacturers. Good stretchers will come with exercises, detailed instructions and even videos to make the best use of your new device.
  4. Are there other options for penis enlargement?
    A.There are some different methods you can use, but you have to keep your goals in mind. Surgery is very expensive, and not covered by insurance. More damning is that, after the expense and pain of recovery, there is absolutely no guarantee of success.

Pills are another option, but they are a temporary fix that only helps with harder erections. It’s not a long term solution, and doesn’t even touch enlargement. There are exercises, but they are complicated and if not done properly it will be a lot of hard work for nothing.

  1. When should I wear the extender?
    A.If your job involves sitting at a desk, and being more stationary, you can get away with wearing it at work without notice. If you job involves lots of movement and strenuous activity, then it isn’t the best idea. Most men wear their extenders at home, for privacy and security.
  2. Can I wear it while I sleep?
    A.Some do, but it is not typically recommended. If you do, try it at your own risk.
  3. Should I keep taking pills while using a stretcher?
    A.You can, but it isn’t going to help you very much. Pills can help you with an erection, but we don’t recommend wearing an extender while you have an erection. You will be making the stretcher ineffective if you try wearing it while erect. So, it is best to just avoid them.
  4. I’ve seen a lot of penis enlargement scams
    A. Yes, you have. People are happy to part you from your money. Penis stretching is different; clinical studies have actually proven the long term effects of stretching. You can enlarge your penis, but you have to put in time and effort.
  5. Are exercises useful at all?
    A.Yes, they can be a good supplement to your enhancement program. Used alone, even done perfectly, you won’t get the results that are possible with a penis stretcher. Exercising your penis can help with your overall penis health. There are many different exercises that you can research, some of which will help you control your ejaculations and some that will even help supplement your enlargement.

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